Emotional Intelligence

It has been invented in a small workshop in Madrid comprised of five people and with a modest budget. But the robots has charm. Diego Garcia, the father of ALSoy, referred to him in glowing terms in which the Popes tend to refer to their shoots: is very nice. It has emotional intelligence and why he can relate to people. It has consciousness of itself, because it keeps memory of the treatment as are you da. And it suits their reactions to the perceptions that stores.

The soul of this small automaton is Airos, a software application that allows AISoy1 to make decisions through the evaluation of the impacts it receives on its own principles. Concepts such as security, the need for love or freedom, with which it has been programmed. Answers that are not part of a decision engine unlike other robots, but respond a scale of values, it could be said that make it, cling well readers, become a perfectly UNPREDICTABLE; According to its creators. ALSoy, have up to 14 different emotional States. (The same as a server VDS to) length of a charged day in Office).

AISoy1 works with Linux, an operating system so alive as the robot, on which all programs are executed. It includes seventy LED mouth to express feelings, a camera of a megapixel in his left eye, a microphone and a speaker integrated into the area of the heart. And a five-hour battery, so no missing reel. Go on sale the first 1,000 copies, in mid-August. If I can poach me one of them, tell them what supposed to be a morning with ALSoy aside.

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