Error Firmware Plotter

This description will be considered the reason for this large-format printers, hp (Designjet 500/800, T1100/T610, Z2100/Z3100, 4500). If an error occurs at startup. First of all twice to restart the printer. If the error is associated with the job after the first reboot the printer will try to print the job again. After two reboots error associated with the job disappears. If the error occurs again, the next step should be a firmware update printer.

But since now we consider the case when the printer does not come out in readiness, then the update process will differ slightly from the standard. Next, disable the printer from a local network or from the computer and run it. If the error persists, then the reason for this is a problem in the network or computer (details will be discussed later). If the problem persists after you disable and interface cables, the following paragraph will removal of all consumables (ink cartridges, printheads, service cartridges (printhead cleaner)), unload the paper. Restart the printer.

If the printer is booted normally (without error), then begin to install consumables materials. Necessarily one to calculate which of them causes an error. If none of the options does not resolve your problem, then move on to serious action. Loaded into the service menu and perform eerom reset (how to download and technique depends on the printer model – write, help). Nor does it help? Then, in the same menu, carry out a test of electronic components and if the test indicates a fault, then change the appropriate component. Most often, the error arises when trying to print is related to consumables. Error occurred during printing may be associated with the task itself (any error in the file), with a bug in the driver, with the work network (network connection). An error that occurs when you start the printer can be connected to a bug in the firmware itself, with the job that is stored on your hard drive (if available) or a malfunction of one of the components. In any case, occurrence of 79:04, start with a firmware update (if the last firmware, then try perezalit it). In the majority of plotters have the opportunity to update the firmware even if they do not go out in readiness. Further, update (or better re-install) the driver. Change the driver (usually there are three types: ps, hp / gl, PCL). Ie try using a different driver. Disable the print queue. Disable all unnecessary network protocols. Disable snmp and all Web service (if available). Remove all the paper you have created profiles. Return the printer to factory settings. Format the hard disk printer (again if available). In general, the idea is to return the printer normal state. Remove the bulk of its settings. Set not expired consumables. Update the firmware and driver. Check the file you created. If all of these options have not helped, the repair that is the case. Motherboard, formatter, hard drive, memory – that is what most often is the cause of 79:04.

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