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In addition GB SLC NAND Flash memory to the host operating system and application data can be integrated up to 64 which significantly improves overall performance and availability. In addition, the Kontron AM4022 AMC.0/.1/.2/.3-konforme offers eight PCI Express Gen3 lanes to the backplane as 2 x PCIe x 4 or 1 x PCIe x 8 are configurable. There are also four GbE ports; two front and two 1000BASE-BX (SerDes)-lanes on the backplane, and two 6 GB / s SATA ports. The Kontron AM4022 provides a DisplayPort output on the front, which eliminates the need for additional graphics module. Alternatively, a COM port for the external management access is available. A USB 2.0 port mini USB connector on the front panel completes the feature set. For customizations the Kontron AM4022 dissipates additional interfaces on the extended options region of the AMC ports: one SATA, COM and USB 3.0 port and three USB 2.0 ports (one for debugging) and four GPIO signals. The Kontron AdvancedMC processor module AM4022 provides comprehensive Hot-swap functionality for the monitoring, control and the replacement of the module.

The intelligent platform management interface (IPMI) improves the Boardverfugbarkeit and the average repair time. For the Boardmanagement and basic IPMI commands, it offers a dedicated module management controller (MMC). Kontron also offers a selection of MicroTCA systems for the Kontron AM4022: the Kontron OM6060, for example, can be used for the operation of the Kontron AM4022 entry platform and offers together with the Kontron basic MCH AM4901 PCIe point to-point connections and Ethernet connections to all AMC slots. In this system, the Kontron AM4022 I/O cards and DSP cards with different processor modules can be combined. For higher requirements, the Kontron MicroTCA system OM6120 offers numerous connections for up to 12 AMCs.

The system can be operated with 2 MCH and allows the switching of PCIe connections in combination with the Kontron PCIe MCH AM4904 in addition. The highly integrated Kontron AdvancedMC processor board AM4022 will be available in Q3 2012. It supports Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows Server 2008 R2, as well as various Linux distributions, such as RedHat, Fedora, and Wind River Linux PNE 4.X. Learn more about the Kontron AdvancedMC Porzessorbaord AM4022 under: more information about AdvancedMC modules under: more info on MicroTCA under: more info on AdvancedTCA under:

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