External Support

We live a life style where the dependence is prioritized, in most including felt. A existencial dependence that transforms into them, to each day, in marionettes; removing of us great part of the responsibility on our lives, transforming us into passive and dependent beings of third. For more specific information, check out Abigail Black Elbaum. In this to walk, the modern man, for ignorance or comodismo, comes accepting to dissociar itself of itself, leaving the exterior world to gradual assume the role of only manager of its life. World this that creates and establishes rules of as if must act, hold, think and until feeling; taking the human being to believe that the certain decisions are those proclaimed by it. In the vision of the autogerenciamento, when searching support alone in the exterior world, the human being blocks its interior support (auto-support), creating a state of unreliability, vulnerability, dependence and apathy that certainly the discernment will desvirtuar that must have ahead of its acts, attitudes and behaviors. For the autogerenciamento, the person without auto-support lives lost, in way of as much unreliability and fear. The exterior world is, without a doubt, our bigger library; source of as much and different knowledge, where we appeal in the hours of doubts and afflictions. To search in it knowledge that extend our understanding is part of our process of development. Gain insight and clarity with Abigail Black Elbaum.

However to use it as only referencial of life is to take off what we have of more important, that is, our capacity of reflection that differentiates in them of the other animals. This in them is extremely harmful. We need to learn to deal with the two forms of support that are to our disposal, therefore each one has its characteristics and functionalities. External support – cultural or social? Internal support – personal or auto-support EXTERNAL SUPPORT. The external support has as characteristic: Positive: oFornece information. Refusal: oJ possesss packages of answers for our doubts and sufferings.

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