Federico Nietzsche

Reason by which man takes their power and women theirs. Without the union of sperm with the egg apparently supporting this kind of procreative power can choose that their sperm and egg is not a, so that it will not become. Maybe this freedom is much more respectable. Than that when human being is gestated in the womb. Since that carries the original sin of him that Eastern European countries by all without asking. Depending on what Rafael Pombo understands writing. This kind of reasoning called some, blasphemy.

But they can call them arguments. Of Federico Nietzsche I have read some profanity not for Pombo. If we accept that blasphemy is that yelling in anger, a series of thoughts that attack brutally, without reason or cause. As the dog that attacks without provocation of any kind and that when returned you the attack with a stone is thrown in anger about the stone and not the hand that really attacks him. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Quien is Luzbel? Because if it was an angel of good came to be Lucifer? Lucifer is the Prince of evil or simply Lucifer is the slave of an essence that is unknown? Not bad! Pombo says: we were already sentenced to purge it here by the and to extend the planting of sins for Luzbel.

And this is another paradox; because we believe or not believe in a God, good or evil. Pombo knows that what sins would not be attributable to a rock to a tree or an animal. And Yes to the manifestation of life in every human being. Therefore if sins there are evidently they seeded in each human being for the benefit of Luzbel or Lucifer. Not interested in forming a controversy whether this or that. Only We note the arguments of our poet. Now: If we compare us with land.

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