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Authors Igor Pear tree Dos Santos Leandro Aguilera Romo Da Silva Rafael Macedo Domingues Da Silva Contact:,,. Summary This article aims at to show to the definitions of ludologia and narratologia, and to consider an union of the same ones, creating the ludonarrativa, that it will approach, as much in the theoretical target, how much in the practical one, the creation of a game that has a strong narrative e, at the same time, one gameplay amused, making with that one intervenes with the other. It is not the objective of this article to criticize the ludologia or the narratologia, and any critical one to the same ones in this article must be raised, but to unify them e, perhaps, to become the games best. Word-key: Ludologia, Narratologia, Ludonarrativa, Game Design, Player, Games, Narrative, Gameplay. Introduction the studies on the games had started have, relatively, little time. However, since that the games they are studied theoretically, they are divided in two main lines: the ludologia and the narratologia.

However, the two lines theoreticians complement themselves, and they are not abstained, as many imagine. Many scholars, as Marie-Laurie Ryan and Gonzalo Frasca consider the creation of a new ludologia, that integrates the narratologia, after all, it is really part of the games, and also she must be studied as such. In this article, we consider the creation of this new ludologia, that we call ludonarrativa, and also show practical applications for the same one, using it in the game design. Ludologia According to narratologista Marie-Laurie Ryan (2005), ludologia is a line of study of the games, that it possesss as thought the idea of that ' ' games are games and histories are histories and these two types of cultural devices cannot join, therefore they have essences radically distintas' '. Between the ludologistas, they are Jesper Juul and Gonzalo Frasca. .

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