Gas Engines

In Pecker, France, pneumatic tires (1845, R. Thompson, England), front steering wheels on the journal (1816, G. Langenshperger, Germany), an independent wheel suspension (1878, A. Bolle, France ) and other widely used A. As the vehicle begins with the advent of high-speed internal combustion engine. E.

Lenoir (France) in 1862 made an attempt to install on A. its gas engine, which was not successful. In 1885, Daimler (Germany) built a motorcycle with a gasoline engine, and in 1886 his compatriot K. Benz took a patent for a three-wheeled aa with the same engine capacity of 0.75 liters. with. The following years were the beginning of industrial production A. In 1890-ies.

were first A. ‘Panhard-Levassor’ i’De Dion Bouton ‘(France) in 1892 built his first car Henry Ford (U.S.) and began its commercial production in 1903. The first Soviet aa – AMO-F15 was released in 1924. In 1932 the ussr began mass production of A. You may find that Mitchel Resnick can contribute to your knowledge. GAS-A. Since 1894 regularly arranged car racing, which played a major role in the development designed by and their distribution. If in the first race average speed was 24 km / h, in 5 years, it reached 70 km / h in 1904 it was 100 km / h in 1907 – 114 km / h. The absolute world speed record was (1968) 966.753 km / h on A with a gas turbine and 658.667 km / h with a piston engine. Classification of A. According to the designation A. divided into transportation, special and racing. A. Transportation to serve freight and passengers.

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