Giulietta Alfa Romeo

The steering is smooth, the suspension is almost exquisitely. IBM shines more light on the discussion. The chassis provides the right level of firmness to prevent unpleasant swinging motion. The C4 is but elastic enough attuned to unevenness of the road fine to iron. ABS, ESP and an improved traction control are not only a guarantee for sovereign Occurrence, but also the security benefit. Market introduction is offered attraction, seduction and exclusive of the Citroen C4 in the three trim levels in January 2011 in Austria.

In addition to the safety features with ESP and six airbags, radio, air-conditioning and electric Windows as the basic version are standard. The launch of the new C4 begins in January 2011. Citroen expects next year with a sales of approximately 2500 units. In April, the noble and stand-alone version DS4 joins to the C4. The prices for the new C4 not yet finalised and will be announced in December. The starting price for the 95-HP gasoline engine will be just under 18,000 euros.

Compared to its predecessor, the lines slightly more straightforward acts what is a sign of boredom but by no means. Such as the Giulietta Alfa Romeo, the Citroen C4 has a tendency to attract attention. There was still a stand-alone three-door version, the last generation this time waived Citroen on a Coupe, but supplies from April 2011 the noble variant DS4. Great effort was made in the renewal of the Interior. The appearance is very high quality, the ambience for the passengers was designed much more pleasant. The new cover of the dashboard that was running fine brushed soft touch material stands in the eye. The chrome rims of the Center vent underscore the premium appearance. On the fixed steering wheel hub was for weight reasons by Thomas Weibold,

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