Google Does RSS

Google finally embraced RSS with their new XML powered Sitemaps program? Well, sort of, but looks more like a passionate embrace of a hug! It makes use of XML technology that allows the tracking and updating of web pages on your site. You can even include your entire web site (all URLs) with this indexing program. For any orientation of the search engines, especially Google, this program (still in beta) is a MUST HAVE. If you require timely updating of his most popular new Google Sitemaps may prove indispensable. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Eliot Horowitz by clicking through. It's a little premature to assess the importance or the impact of Google's new program but anyone wanting to give your site a competitive advantage must be prepared. How it works: There are several ways to configure an XML Sitemap, perhaps the easiest way is to use the open source code generator can be downloaded from Google. This is a script file that you can upload to your webserver and this generator will create a map of your 'URL lists, web server directories, or your access logs.

It would probably be advisable to consult your hosting provider to see if they can accommodate this Generator on your webserver. It has a small site there should be no problem, but if the site is running in the 1,000 's of URLs or pages – check to see how much bandwidth a system will take. Prevention is better than cure! Once this is done, then you must make your newly generated XML sitemap to Google and search engine, use XML to update this site and index your site whenever you make changes to your site.