Health Minister Philipp Rosler

According to AOK survey gaps in the health system. Latest survey results suggest that treat German doctors often unnecessarily and do not cause research. This is a survey of 3,000 people out, which was carried out by the Scientific Institute of the AOK (WIdO) anyway. Overall assessment of the health system in Germany is quite divided. While medical services and speed the appointment satisfied patients, health care reform and health insurance coverage be assessed only mediocre. You may find Chevron CEO to be a useful source of information. The private insurance Portal summarizes the survey results.

The doctors performed generally well the WidO survey. So the majority of the respondents (82.5 percent) indicates to be satisfied with the medical services. Confidence in treatment, the physician is very high at 92 percent. 88.1 per cent of the respondents positively assess the speed of the appointment. Only criticisms: the medical treatments are sometimes called unnecessarily (8.1 Percent of the legally insured, 17.1 percent of the Privatversicherten) and the investigation as not thorough enough (about 20 percent) described; the waiting feel many patients (29.5 per cent) than too long. Critically, the reform projects of the Government be considered however. So about every second with the plans of Health Minister Philipp Rosler does not agree.

Only one-tenth of respondents look at the reform as good to excellent, 35.2 percent are undecided. Also mixed the study results as regards the protection of health insurance fail. Although, 56.1 percent of respondents indicate that they have found no variation in performance. On the other hand 59.3 percent expect a deterioration in the protection of statutory health insurance in the next few years. More information:… GELD.

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