High Blood Pressure: Unnoticed Injury Of Vessels

High blood pressure the vessels are not necessarily immediately noticed by unnoticed damaged a high blood pressure one. Often sufferers live for years with high values, without even knowing it. The Internet health portal imedo.de warns to untreated high blood pressure. The vessels can take damage and lead to the emergence of strokes or heart attacks. High blood pressure doesn’t hurt.

Unnoticed damage the vessels over long – stroke and heart attack can be the result. Therefore, you should regularly check his blood pressure to prevent damage. Ideally, values from 120 to 80 millimeters of mercury (mm HG) “, says Professor Karl Werdan, cardiologist at the University Hospital Halle. Five kilos less can a medication for high blood pressure save high blood pressure talk physician from a value of 140 to 90 mm HG. Not necessarily this need to treat patients with drugs.

The patient lives otherwise healthy, so he smokes cigarettes, has no obesity, no Diabetes, no elevated cholesterol levels and sports, driving regularly affected according to Werdan can be eliminated if necessary medicines. More cardiovascular risk factors are added, the more must be treated against drugs”, the doctor says. So, per kilogram, for example, overweight increase high blood pressure to about a millimeter of HG. A high blood pressure drug could save five kilograms less overweight. Imedo health news explain why our heart has stress. Consult.

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