Holiday In Florence – Italy

Why Flroenz definitely a trip is worth a trip to Florence is always worth and is of Germany from Yes quite quickly and easily, because there is a low-cost airlines offering bargain flights to Florence and the Suddeutsche also can go easily by car or train and within a couple of hours in Florence can come from. Florence is such a popular and worthwhile goal, because it a is located in the beautiful region of Tuscany and on the other hand offers a huge range of art treasures. Thus Florence is like a pilgrimage for art lovers and art enthusiasts and everyone should go once. The following paragraphs will closer introduce Florence and especially on the art treasures from the time of Medicci, which had a huge impact on Florence, by supporting the artists and all great talents came to Florence to try out here and learn more. The most famous Museum in Florence is the Uffizi Gallery, the so-called Uffiziengallerie.

Uffici means Office and so the building was formerly the administrative center of Medicci, that wanted to set up a place for all bureaucratic offices in Tuscany. The special feature of this gallery is that it means that even kunstbanausen their money come and quite enjoy this Museum, art connoisseurs are therefore excited when they hear the name of the master alone, are represented here. There are to consider a total of over 1,000 works of art, but also sculptures, tapestries, and historical maps are presented. You can visit the Museum between 8:15 and 19:00 every day except Mondays. The price of admission is 6.50 euros at the moment, reduced to 3.25 euros. The David of Michelangelo, the most famous statue in the world is of course the most famous. David is created from a single huge block of marble, an incredible feat and one can visit today him Accademia in the Galleria dell.

Once he stood on the Palazzio Vecchio for many hundreds of years, but in the 19th century decided rather to him inside to pick up, because he had suffered greatly under the environmental influences. So it has built him an own dome construction and thus he is today very well. In the early 1990s a vandal had tried to damage the toes of the left foot of the David, what was unfortunately also succeeded, otherwise are known but no further incidents of deliberate actions. Who is really interested in a holiday in Florence and seeks more lodging, which once should spend apartments Florence book and an individual holiday in Italy.

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