Houses Wooden

Today, along with everything known to us, coloristic log cabins, erected home from a bar, home made of logs, timber frame houses, which are no less comfort and convenience. And one can not but be glad that today we have armed with such modern technology that will extend the life of a wooden house, as well as by elements of decoration, give the interior a form more familiar ordinary man in the street: painted walls favorite color or wallpaper paste over, to make the lining of toilets tiles, as well as to install a hidden wiring. Wooden architecture – native folk tradition of our ancestors, and which today finds echoes in our hearts. Brick or block house not does not add the well-known sense of comfort humidity cold stone room, which appears in the case when the building was not heated and "damp" in the winter – in a wooden house, you do not feel, to the same cost Wooden houses are much lower. The walls are made of wood to breathe, without creating unnecessary obstacles to the evaporation of moisture.

Determined to start with the type of wooden houses, before making a decision. There are two kinds of wooden domovdomov. In Some settlement is carried out immediately after their construction, the first type, the first vid.Eto panel, frame, wooden houses of unnatural dried logs or timber and profile of the house laminated veneer lumber, which the slats to be bonded and dried. Houses of this type have many advantages, and if not for their high cost and need considerable one-time investment of money, they would be very very attractive. The second category is attributed facilities, construction of which is carried out in two stages. This structure made of logs, processed timber and simple. Initially, the foundation is set box housing and is covered by a roof, often at least temporarily.

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