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The customer should be at any time able to transmit the necessary services that he provides not even another Web Agency. Many programmers and Web agencies succumbing to the temptation to introduce your clients to a dependency and to keep. There are enough open source software for the selection and enough agencies that specialize in the leading content management systems like typo3 and drupal. This puts out the customers planning security for years and puts him in the position to be able to compare the offers from Web agencies together. To remain clueless, can have disastrous financial consequences for the survival of a company. An open way of working is reflected not only in the popular software reflected, but also in the information that is given to the customer. All access data for the area, the customer pays belong to the webspace. A managed server running CONFIXX has a server management at three levels: admin, reseller and webspace.

In the webspace, ftp access and E-Mail accounts are managed. The customer should at all times be able, the necessary services, providing he does not itself, to transfer any other Web Agency. This is but only if the access data are known to him. The content management system drupal for example has the user 1 that the software installed on the Web server and always retains all access rights. This user account must not be deleted for this reason, but simply passed changing the Agency. User name and password can be changed. Are only user accounts with author rights released countless customers.

The possibility to administrate the CMS, prevents easy. The dependency is total and the financial blackmail. There are many reasons to change the Agency. A service provider due to illness or death can fail at any time. Drupal runs on Linux servers and uses the MySQL database. The CMS uses HTML and php according to Web standards and ensures that each expert without learning curve can immediately continue.

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