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DIMM module with Freescale i. MX53 ARM Cortex-A8 processor of the emtrion GmbH has a DIMM module based on the Freescale i. MX53 processor (ARM Cortex A8) DIMM family expanded with an additional member. The module combines with numerous functions and high performance properties of two worlds: industry and multimedia. Unless there are developer kits for the i the CPU modules. MX53 with full documentation and BSP to easy develop of own solutions.

On the basis of the Freescale i. MX53 (ARM Cortex A8) processor running at a clock speed of up to 1 GHz has emtrion GmbH brought a DIMM ( dimm_mx53_de.php) on the market and thus their DIMM family extended to another Member. The new module by emtrion unites two worlds: industry and multimedia. It is a very large number of functions and a high computing power available, characterized but still little electricity. The processor provides up to 2,000 MIPS performance, has a powerful FPU and a co-processor. Allows complex tasks directly on the embedded module are realized, such as image processing and image pattern recognition. For graphical applications, the CPU offers 2D and 3D acceleration and supports openVG and openGL ES.

The new DIMM by emtrion with a resolution up to full-HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) is ideal for the control of large screens and TVs. MPEG-4 H. 264 encoder and decoder are implemented in hardware, so that these tasks do not burden the processor. On the module Ethernet, USB, UARTs, two camera interfaces, audio processor, LCD controller, two CAN incorporate (SDIO capable) interfaces and two SD card controller. The module is also for an extended temperature range of-40 C / + 85 c and is long term available, making the module ideal for industrial applications very attractive. In addition to the CPU modules, providing emtrion GmbH of developer kits for the i. MX53 with full documentation and BSP to easy develop of own solutions. The kits allow the BSPs for the operating systems Microsoft Windows Embedded compact 7 or Linux an easy entry into the 32-bit world. More BSPs for QNX and Android are available upon request. The customer can choose the CPU module in the SO-DIMM format Carrierboards from two different depending on the request. All the components are available on the Carrierboard customer experience need, like for example audio -, video -, USB host and device interfaces in accordance with USB 2.0 high-speed, as well as a 100 MBit Ethernet interface, power supply and plug. Power over Ethernet (PoE), WiFi, and DVI output are in addition the DIMM-base Lothron Carrierboard”implements. This suited the offering not only to evaluate, but can be used directly for industrial use. Development times for your own projects can be significantly reduced.

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