Industrialized World

Although the alive humanity in a industrialized world and with the continuous use of advanced technologies, still thus significant indices of reduction of the pollution are not veem. The problem is in the mentality of the people and the form where the resources are used to fight the degradation, or not. According to recent research, the motorized cars and other vehicles, are responsible for 18% of the emissions of gases to the atmosphere. Two of the main gases emitted to the atmosphere are: Co2 (carbon dioxide) and the methane. A concern with them must be had more, therefore they poluem and not only they cause the heating, but also the acid rain that are a threat agriculture, plants, forests and most worse, the contamination of the ground, consequentemente harming freticos sheets, diminishing the fertility of the alone etc. Little if speak of acid rains, but they are so degradantes how much the other degradantes factors. The biggest question in game is the cultural factor. The education, culture and the form as the knowledge and the information is passed the population influences in the mentality of a people, therefore the human being is product of the way where it lives. if the people do not know the problem, consequentemente it does not take measured by containment and solution for the problem. It is acquired knowledge!

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