Installing Your Web Site

This is the first reason why you can sell on the Internet: grab your slice of that cake of 173 million shoppers. In the physical world, plus it would be very difficult to get a site (Avenue, Market, Square, or shopping center) through which pass, move or walk 173 million customers, is also difficult and expensive to open a business to sell products or services. It is necessary, among other things: 1 .- rent or buy a shop. 2 .- Local Condition. 3 .- To acquire or manufacture the product we sell. 4 .- Finding and hiring staff (salesmen, clerks, janitors and others). 4 .- Contract and pay for services of Light, Water, Telephone, Insurance, Security. On the Internet, on the contrary, except for point No.

3, do not need any of this. This is the second why you can sell on the Internet: it is relatively easy to Install Your Web Site Internet Seller grab your slice of that cake of 173 million shoppers. Internet Your Web Site In Seller can reach new and wider markets, in your own country and around the world, covering distances without the Internet would have to invest much more time and money. Electronic Commerce is the buying, selling, marketing and provision of information for products and / or services via computer networks (meaning INTERNET). From the point of view of information technology is a software application aimed at commercial transactions. In this regard, the Internet has a privileged and spectacular, is the star of the moment and its future is even brighter, its development is growing, its scope is constantly growing.

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