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In relation to the previous year it was very rewarding, the public surpassed the waited one I also number, it of palestrantes was very expressive, the level of exploitation of the society not only of the academic as in the generality it was very rewarding, had been disponibilizados cincos audiences for mines courses and workshops the Puraqu, aa, Tucum, Cupuau, Muruci and one cine club in escolinha of the city for presentation of educative films and other purposes. The Fasol counted on 251 computers, 130 volunteers, 56 people of the NIR, 20 people of the Puraqu community, 30 professionals of the Ufopa and 250 coordinators, not forgetting to more than mensurar average of 1,000 visitors for night, the event had the support of the Municipal City hall of Santarm, of the Secretariat of the Planning and of the City department of the Education Mr. Emanuel Silva, that disponibilizou 8 buses for locomotion of the agricultural zone to the city In day 31 of August the 19:00 was carried through the opening with a gorgeous ceremony, with composed table for Antonio Oliveira de Aquino, Geraldo Vasol, Jander Gamma, Luiz Claude, Landmarks Avivai and Raquel Serique and soon after the presentation of the event with the subject Legal Aspects of the Free Software given by you Pablo Rasp, Wlken Sanches and Jader Gamma and the mediator of the event Mr. Enoque Alves, this historical fact happened to suppress the necessities of the free region how much to the software, that has the paper to take knowledge, educating through videos, text, radios and medias..

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