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The State has the task to protect the livelihood of the local economy, to oversee the economy, to ensure a healthy mix of large, medium and small enterprises and to ensure obtaining maximum income for the whole of the people. (LV RLP VI. Artikel 51). ” What does that mean? It means that the various factors to be considered are: physical goods to satisfy the vital needs of the people social justice and decent existence maximum yield and mix different sizes of business. So the profit of a company has a natural adversary: the decent existence. This concerns the employees, which are also part of the people of course first and foremost. Article 52 is something clear: the economic freedom of the individual finds its limits in respect of the rights of the next and the requirements of the common good”. “The Easter falls one perhaps someone one who asked the question: who is in reality my neighbor?” (Luke 10,29).

The next”is actually not mandatory can be found at the top managers. The employees are the next”of a company. It is important to create a balance between company sizes. The more “enterprise organizations in a region are present, they are more powerful. Now you may wonder why the State doesn’t mind, or even encourages this attitude.

An entrepreneur who in his company tolerate no Works Council, and dismissed each newly elected Council once gave me this answer. He said: if I don’t like the country, I’m closing the company. I earned enough “.” What we need in this region is more balance between all interests. Every entrepreneur can continue to train employees and qualify instead of him to released. This could use just the older applicants intimated by Ms. Anita Baljewic, or people with disabilities. If we qualify medium to long term more people further we can sophisticated fashion the work and business processes, and in the long term to serve as the region. One should not forget one as an employee, nor as an entrepreneur: all resources are limited, even human. The question is, how to use them, and whether they are gently used. We represent the true capital of this Covenant and the country: the workers. Why not again we buy our books at the bookstore of our confidence on the ground? You can see directly to do something good to whom. And we weaken the power of the large company. Job Octopus swims to Koblenz by Sascha Manns is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Germany License. Based on a content under about this license you can get permits under I thank slettvett for providing the image see CC-BY.

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