Juan Rodriguez Frayle

This is the result of a resolution designed and executed in haste slowly. He chaired the Zipa of the best soldiers in his army, said the streets with promises and gifts to the ropes, which is the commitment that it holds firmer. Appointed governor of conquered everything to his brother: the safest policy to preserve accustomed to obey Kings dominions, for the government to give them quality people that match, because the subjects measured their appreciation prince makes them, by authority of the governor who appoints them. Thus ended the rule of Prince Guatavita free, but not the largest of the New Kingdom of Granada, as Juan Rodriguez Frayle dreamed in his book, which he called the Ram: debiole to throw much Cacique love this because she wants it has been vassal Zipa revealed: or at least Castellanos, author and former credit, and Herrera in their fifth and sixth decades have otherwise, and Quesada common tradition (which is most of all)

Again contradicts the Ubaque abandoned weapons and auxiliaries. Divide the province of Bogota clean a mountain ridge, though rough and stony roads. Lies or the backs of Santa Fe, declining at noon … In this province comes with difficulty by a few paths, for the two of them which were of Chiguachi and called the Portachuelo, walked the Zipa his army divided into two troops, and prevented the Ubaque for the defense, brought out the quickly as he could the people at the borders …. Six or seven months they have moons, they resisted the Ubaque brave at the expense of much blood, with which both sides flooded the land, but being so much the strength of the enemies of Ubaque and reduction of its people in war consumed so neat , yielded to the violence of arms, and sought to comply with the times (an unfortunate faithful advisers) called a truce, sent ambassadors, accepted others, and press their interests, negotiated performance with few conditions.. Learn more at this site: camden treatment associates.

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