Linux Meets 17 Years

Just one year short of Linux to become an adult. A majority of legal age, of course, because the maturity that has long reached. Sunday was yesterday when they met 17 years of Linux, from the day that its founder, Linus Torvalds, published the first public version of your video.

It’s funny to read the original message with the announcement, which noted that Linus This is a program for hackers by a hacker. His original intention was not to further tap into that a little bit and learn at the same time as it developed an operating system, while awaiting the appearance of Hurd, who had to be the GNU version ofUnix.

Per, for all of a sudden, Linux has achieved success while Hurd is still little more than vaporware. And what began as a project of a Finnish student has become a revolution.

Today there are few teams that do not have a version of Linux that can run on them, from computers to video and music players or mobile phones. His versatility and power made it happen.

And, although for the moment has failed to arrive in bulk to the desktop, where Windows is still the great exponent, important steps have been taken, especially with the launch of ultraportable, many of them equipped with a Linux distribution.

We have no other to congratulate the father of the child, Linus Torvalds, and thank him for everything that your operating system has done for us.

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