Linux Neutrino On The Dbox2

The best alternative is for your operating system of the dbox 2 neutrino the open source application by Linux with the user interface. Linux neutrino is the well-known alternative operating system for the dbox 2. It brings many advantages offered not one on the original operating system, beta Nova users. First is the significantly reduced boot time to name a few. The open source OS Linux neutrino takes 40 seconds to boot successfully. The original beta Nova system here already once loosely takes three minutes. Nothing more despite offers neutrino a user friendly and clear interface. EPG information will be loaded without delay and appear clean.

So you need almost a training for the original or it always holds the instructions, otherwise it can happen easily confuse the menu maze of beta Nova. Linux, however, offers ease of use even every computer and technology muffle should cope with. Also the timer to record a show is easy to adjust, in the original OS, you need some here after all Keystrokes and precious time. With only two keystrokes you is with Linux already in the menu to set the timer and to lose no time. Also switching between TV and radio is easy and comfortable with Linux. Within one second, you can switch easily to radio mode and additional nice features are available, such as for example different backgrounds so that listening to music is really comfy. On the whole, one can say the Linux neutrino a really good alternative to the dreary and particularly slow original operating system beta Nova is. Who wants to wait for the favorite series not three minutes, no time for timer set waste will or would like to have just a nice, beautiful and above all fast operating system on its dbox 2 neutrino will be sure satisfied with Linux. Torsten Paul

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