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This is not printed on paper, but sent as a fax. If you intend to send your fax, select the dialog window print the Popfax printer driver as a Pressure way off and click on the button “Print”. Meanwhile, prepared the document to the fax and the Popfax started printer driver fax application. If you previously saved your fax numbers in your contact book, if not select them, then add new contacts from a file and click on the button “Send fax”. You can send your fax to a recipient or several correspondents simultaneously and in a few clicks.

“You only the contacts to the Popfax need to import printer driver, upload the document you want to fax to and click ‘Send'”. To do so, you can design your fax professionally by you would add a cover page to this. With the application of Popfax printer driver can fax documents of all kinds, there is no restriction on file formats. 5. Fax send a fully-equipped fax software Popcompanion you are looking for a complex solution that would handle all your faxes? The Popcompanion fax application is the perfect solution if you not expensive Fax machine would get. This is a desktop application that minimizes and runs in the background using API, to sending and receiving of faxes. The application makes a different access to your account and is intended to run in Linux, OSX and Windows. The fax transmission process is easier than the use of a fax machine, to the fax reception requires no effort at all: a notification will appear in the Traybar for each new incoming fax. Popcompanion fax software is easy to install and can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook. This makes sending and receiving faxes an efficient, simple and cheaper process and solves all the problems that can occur with manual faxing.

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