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EasiRun and IVORY – innovations for mainframe environments – part 2 EasiRun Europe arises the task to bring their customer’s IT strategically and economically optimal position. Thus, they are modern set, independent and prepared for the challenges of the future on the basis of the existing. IVORY represents a significant expansion and rounding off in addition to the traditional migration routes and back targets on host environments – customers, who want to stay on the mainframe or must or need capacities of the host for long periods or with applications on the mainframe want. IVORY here finds a way. IVORY proprietary host, as well as “Hosted” is suitable for the operation of the data center servers and upstream of host servers which then to communicate with the host.

Wintell, LINUX, and UNIX is supported. IVORY allows virtualization of applications and the creation of new applications from existing applications without the need to modify existing programs. With IVORY created services can be as Basis used for BPM, integration of applications and cross platform applications. I.e., that even companies that already use other products, are not automatically excluded. IVORY means supplement and extension of IVORY can take advantage of the latest special-purpose processes by IBM’s ZIIP/ZAAP – and z/LINUX-certified. This affects the operation of lowering costs.

For the implementation that is based on 3270-based or COMMAREA (as SAP), no changes in the “virtual” applications are absolutely essential changes in the programs. A particular value lies in the combination of transactions that can be merged into a portal with external Web services to a new, extensive application. Our message: Good advise is, who chooses a path which remains open in all directions. Invest your IT expenditure in the future of your company and unite the treasures of the past with the exciting options of the future! Implement your strategies and visions, but stay flexible and independent! This completes our series of articles. Did you miss a post? Here you can read about: Usingen, the 18.02.

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