Neem Health

Medicinal and therapeutic properties of the tree have been recognized for hundreds of years in India. Azadirachta Indica Its scientific name means “tree that grows freely.” texts describe the tree as an astringent, smooth and cool in effect and modern studies have shown that owns several alkaloids, volatile oils, tannins and waste of calcium, potassium and iron compounds. The Neem Tree has attracted the attention of doctors and modern science has begun to be the subject of multiple investigations in various parts of the world. Every part of this wonderful tree has been used to treat dozens of diseases. The crust is fresh, astringent and healing of blisters, the leaves are discriminative, antibacterial and anti-diabetic, and his fruit is purgative antithetical haemorrhoid and the flowers act as seeds as antacids and blood purifying. In India it is known as the “village pharmacy” because of its cost, effectiveness and number of diseases that can be used successfully.

It is also very recognized by its use as a pesticide and curator of the environment and due to its natural origin and no known harmful effects today represents the surest way to eliminate and remove the pests that can damage crops and gardens. Veterinary medicine has also been recipient to be able to include in your kit a tissue capable of healing oil, eliminate bacteria and fungi and also keep out the parasites. Expert since 1995, Juliette Rivera is dedicated to educate and advise on this subject to professionals, distributors, and the general public..

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