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News computing: Google had more luck to patenting the design of search results, which were presented along with homepage in early 2004 and the Office of patents gave in late 2006. After five years and half a year of struggle, Google and their lawyers have managed to convince federal bureaucrats to grant a patent on the home page. The document is so minimalist as the interface, which contains a single illustration of with the company logo shown in dotted lines to indicate that it is not an integral part of the patent. As you can see in the image above, shows the generic format of Google with the search box and the traditional search and buttons I’m feeling lucky. In addition, Google has also received patents for a spell checker that works in a browser and a web page for collaborative creation. In addition, Yahoo! currently shows a format very similar to the Google which could lead to problems legal company after the adoption of the patent on Google. The Google website has undergone changes since the request of the patent, showing new links by category, so that the extent of the validity of the patent is not known exactly. Those who are not very happy with this news will be other companies that use similar designs in their search engines, those who could be affected if it is that the big G chooses to enforce their rights recently patented. More news from information technology in i7store.

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