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COQOS-tP allows complete AUTOSAR compliant software components on a Linux operating system. Berlin, March 02, 2010 – OpenSynergy introduces a new product from the COQOS tool chain: COQOS tP. COQOS-tP allows complete AUTOSAR compliant software components on a Linux operating system. Chief Technology Officer stefaan Sonck Thiebaut explains: this is of great benefit to the automotive industry, because in this way the results of the preliminary development can be transferred one-to-one in the development of the series. “How to save the manufacturer time and money.” Development work on new vehicle functions would not run typically on automotive hardware, but on car-PCs’, Sonck Thiebaut continues. This provided a convenient development and runtime environment. Thus software for automotive functions would often run during the development phase on operating systems, which do not meet the AUTOSAR requirements, such as Linux.

The later transfer of development results in the development of the series This requires an additional development effort, so that the software components meet the specifications of AUTOSAR. A solution for this development effort saving offer the OpenSynergy tool COQOS-tP. COQOS-tP operating system generates a run-time environment compliant to AUTOSAR and an adaptation layer for Linux. COQOS-tP includes the usual AUTOSAR basic software and the configuration formats defined by AUTOSAR. This allows to implement and test AUTOSAR compliant functions directly on operating systems such as Linux or similar. COQOS-tP can be used thus in the development of software for any type of automotive ECUs, as far as the Linux operating system complies with the real time requirements for the function to be developed. Using the COQOS tool chain new product it is possible in the preliminary development a car PC with Linux to use and yet AUTOSAR-compatible to develop,”so Sonck Thiebaut. So easy porting them to the series development is possible, where for example a real-time micro-OS COQOS solution is used.

Sonck Thiebaut invites all those interested to do this free of charge to test the tool COQOS-tP. Register for this on: test_coqos_tP on the Berlin-based company OpenSynergy OpenSynergy develops and markets software products for the automotive industry. The COQOS software kit allows safe running of Infotainment or AUTOSAR applications on only a hardware using virtualization technology. The modular approach of COQOS this can be used modules instruments and body control in head units, combined. In addition Infotainment connectivity offers, and AUTOSAR OpenSynergy consulting and engineering services for software development and software architectures in the fields.

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