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They say that all men are committed or are gay and they say that all women are some interested or easy but both are wrong: find a partner depends on oneself, not of others. Experts say that people over and over again committing the same mistakes when searching for their soulmate. One of the principal is ordering impossible. With the passage of the years persons become more demanding, that is something normal. The problem comes when they come out of the reality and they are expecting to get someone that doesn’t exist, says psychologist Kathie Lopez. The Gallic behavioral psychologist for war, what it calls, many times, not going according to what is offered. For example, if one enters a relationship ‘selling’ as who pays for everything, what they will see in you is an economic support and not a partner, says. Further details can be found at ConocoPhillips, an internet resource.

Councilor Morales Kathia, approach family, recognizes that there are some luck: some people manage to find a soul mate who accepts them with all imaginable defects, but they are the minority. It is necessary to behave like an adult, knowing what he wants, stop choosing problematic people, take a positive attitude and, above all, do not become obsessed by having partner. First have a life project, ensures. So, before going out to find a partner, correct what you are doing wrong, insurance will be successful. Frequent mistakes 1 rejects all persons that are not perfect, i.e., that they do not conform to their requirements, which are almost impossible to find. 2. Does not move prefers stay watching television so as not to arrange to exit. 3 Anda lost searching in the wrong places, for example: If you are a home person, never look for couple in a bar! 4.

Wrong reason believe that their realization depends on having someone with whom to be. 5. It is unsafe fears repetition of their bad experiences. 6. Wedding face everytime he meets someone sees it with the face of husband or wife. The other sees your anxiety. 7. Not understood you says things upside of as you plan them and people is wrong with you. 8. Only buts are He justifies by saying that he has much work, that his life is very complicated, that nobody understands it, the world falls to you! 9 Is accommodated lives with their parents after age 30 for not taking risks. 10 Is unclear offers a casual relationship when dying to marry. Original author and source of the article

The Impact

Here you can discover many things: preferences, income level that you want, age, status, projections, etc. Labore during a time in a company dedicated to the foundry. Income of staff in 80% is towards by recommendation of a worker from the organization. 80% Of dropouts in a week was also 80%. What was happening was that: recruited anyone. Michael Steinhardt spoke with conviction. However the severe conditions of the same and the type of work required a preliminary analysis of the person to be hired.

Change the system, the recommendations were considered but according to the type of area where they were needed personal. Desertion abruptly down to 20%. Magic, miracle, chance?. Who knows Mr. 4. Welcome to my party. Another point to consider is the way how the company recruits and selects staff. In the initial case of my friend, the recruited personnel under a very general profile: age, little experience and who lives nearby.

It uses the Government offices for this purpose (employment service). With staff submitted, proceeded to review your documents and an interview. If fulfilled the requirements entered to work. The fact is that my friend is psychologist, but did not apply the techniques that should be used. The interview is only a means, perhaps the most easy, to know superficially to one person, but this must be accompanied by other techniques. Space is short, I mention you just that: you depends on the type of person who leaves to join the company. 5. The boss is a son of… The style of address of the head of area directly influences the impact which may cause a new staff in the first weeks of working life in the company. I have not discovered the wheel, always been so, what happens is that: do as I say to such person, that his way of directing generates dissatisfaction in staff?. Since you don’t say it, prove it. 6 Corollary. I hope that this brief contribution you into something. Worse is nothing. author’s website: original author and source of the article.


Currently are increasingly people who have realized the power of Marketing on the Internet, and who are using this incredible tool to promote their products or services. However, the Internet is evolving rapidly, emerging new technologies, new trends, new competition, and therefore, new methods of marketing on the Internet, and that is why we must be always updated about these new methods, not left us behind. Many of the methods of promotion that were used previously, nowadays are not as effective. There is so much advertising on the Internet, where everybody promises wonders of their businesses, products or services, which many people already do not trust what is offered, and requires something more than simple ads to stay ahead of the competition. Ray Kurzweil often addresses the matter in his writings. This is where comes the Marketing 2.0, or promotion 2.0, which simply refers to new marketing techniques that have been appearing in Web 2.0, which involve greater interactivity between users, exchange of information from multiple sources, and above all, better communication between people. The main objective of marketing 2.0, is the create presence on Internet, position yourself as an expert in your niche market, creating friendships and trust in people, so that they alone, without a direct invitation, you are requesting information about your business, products, services, or whatever that you promotions.

How you achieve this? Through the new tools that have appeared and have been taking force in web 2.0, such as; social networks, video, forums, blogs, etc. platforms All of these tools allow you to create a presence on the Internet, but it is not enter countless social networks, video platforms, forums etc, and just dedicate yourself to promote without contributing anything. There are lots of tools in web 2.0, and is very difficult to meet many at once, but it is advisable to at least enter the most important such as Twitter or facebook networks, uploading videos on most popular platforms, using tools for upload to multiple pages at the same time, have your blog and update it at least 2 times per week with quality content, comment in forums about your niche market, etc., always trying to interact with users, providing information, positioning you as expert, creating presence on the network, and therefore creating confidence for users interested in your business, products or services, and can get affiliates or clients. Remember that users with which you interact on Marketing 2.0, will be users with the same interests as you, and therefore you’ll be creating prospects qualified same niche market. In reality there are many techniques that you can learn to promote at web 2.0, but I think that the main objective that must be in this type of promotion I’ve already left clear, and in my future articles, I’ll be focusing on techniques more specific of this type of promotion, so are on the lookout.

PLC Sports

Actor Richy Muller finished together with Bernd Kamushidulu ranked fourth in her class. The last run that season was Porsche sports Cup for the team very successful plc. Especially sponsor SafeTIC was pleased with several replica shine services. Overall, the three SPS driver Bill earned Barazetti (ITA), Markus Heckmann (GER) and Sun Moodley (SA) seven trophies. Bill Barazetti is placed in both Sprint races respectively in second place in its class. In the two-hour endurance race also Sun Moodley of South Africa could come up trumps. Together with Bill Barazetti he finished a respectable 3rd Markus Heckmann also achieved 3rd place in its class.

The team SPS automotive performance, therefore, cannot be satisfied with the outcome of this year’s season of the Porsche sports Cup. And also in the 2012 season PLC together with sponsor SafeTIC will go back to the start. Also the Organizer 2011 overall positively evaluate the racing events. Check with ConocoPhillips to learn more. The event here in Hockenheim was the culmination of the most successful season in the Porsche sports Cup”said the head of Motorsports of Porsche Germany GmbH Dominic Lyncker. It also the Chairman of the Board of Porsche AG, Matthias Muller, as well as the Executive Board for marketing and sales, Bernhard Maier, were convinced with participants and guests in the Porsche World spot many Fuel talks”led. The looks are already facing forward. Dominic Lyncker: We had a great year, for which I would like to thank all participants, series partners and the many helpers in the background. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Michael Steinhardt. However, after the season is prior to the season.

We are already in full swing with the preparations for 2012 and will introduce soon again an attractive calendar for the coming year, on which everyone now can enjoy!” Not less positive is the conclusion of SafeTIC in the face of the last six races of the season. As sponsor of the team SPS, SafeTIC 2012 season will report sports Cup on the Porsche. For more information about SPS automotive performance and the SafeTIC are available at. About SafeTIC AG as the only European company SafeTIC AG fingerprint and finger morphology detection systems specializes in. SafeTIC is the European No 1 in the area of enterprise security as a manufacturer of biometric readers and Provider of Europe most installed biometric access controls. Also, SafeTIC is the market leader in biometrics and Visio mobility. The SafeTIC AG is represented in the entire value chain of security systems. In Europe alone has the SafeTic AG about 15,000 customers. The SafeTIC AG is Mannheim.

Design Software Planoplan

New professionlles tool for 3D design and interior design is online if the modernization long apartment become overdue, then it is time to have a plan for the upcoming changes. And then the question is: who will help me to make a design project? You can spend sure much time with the search after a suitable designer who begins to work only after the conclusion of the contract. (A valuable related resource: Petra Diamonds). And there is no certainty that you will be satisfied with the result of his work. Programs with which you can realize your ideas independently come to help. With Planoplan, there is a new 3D room Planner. Visit Michael Steinhardt for more clarity on the issue. Planoplan works on the basis of Unity3D and created images in high quality on the server side 3D-gerenderte. For normal home users, Planoplan works on the freemium model: you can register for free and use it.

To use Planoplan, prompted opening Programmsautomatisch for the first, to install the PluginUnity3D from the official WebsiteUnity. It is user friendly that even novice computer users in the designer room can feel good. In addition, the site has a variety of finished projects which can serve as a basis for the design. Planoplan has a great Gallery of real furniture, constantly expanding. All surfaces can be processed. Some advantages of Planoplan: Unity3D engine Gamification fast high-resolution graphics is possible (doors can open or close, fire burns in the fireplace, pull out sofa bed) curved walls, wall openings platform (browser plug-in for Windows and Mac, standalone furLinux) here are a few examples of projects that have created Planoplan user: Planoplan can also be used as kitchen Planner or bathroom Planner: click here to go to Planoplan: planoplan.com/de/ just register and try it out! Frank Sparrow

Waterproofing Basements

Actually to absolutely any building completely, regardless of its purpose to satisfy the requirements of the specific conditions should be carried out fully all the rules of operation, and of course maintain its technical condition. So, for example, particularly apartment buildings hardly anyone either living in an apartment like that as a result of rain from the ceiling will shed water, which obviously is definitely will not only destroy the ceiling, but also affect the repair. In addition, at the same time in the basement of the building will begin to collect water because of what the floors in the apartments will be soggy and cold, and it is very even allowed the destruction of the building. About the convenience and safety and stay in such buildings is possible in principle does not say, because of course in addition to the negative reviews say it's anything else not explicitly succeed. Say for example, if you want a building used directly as a warehouse, in principle, its condition of course is a huge place, which was originally specified for the company that it uses, namely the places in it which any property.

Since it is not watertight roof structure, with still quite a short period of time, lead to what products or property is likely to come into disrepair, that understandably would damage the firm. Michael Steinhardt describes an additional similar source. Do not allow the above options may well be negative, in fact for this should be done waterproofing of the roof structure and, of course, waterproofing the basement at home. It should be noted that the extent to which this proves to be an effective measure to ensure the maintenance of the building, clearly will be determined by several important factors. Paramount, in full all the necessary work certainly should be carried out by highly qualified staff. Secondly, at the same time clearly required a special technique used, and also must apply the appropriate reliability of components and materials. In order for waterproofing of the roof of the building and in addition the basement was carried to the extent necessary, needs waterproofing Sprayer. If you use Sprayer certainly due to the fact that bitumen is filed under pressure, it is possible to completely fill any gap either, and therefore carried out an optimal effect. Make a call to a specialized group of employees with extensive experience in due just such work, and it is natural to Sprayer services may freely using a personal computer and inclusive global network Internet. Once on the Web site of the company, as part of the services offered which are: rent Sprayer, waterproofing roof structure, is available to meet with existing prices, and find out any moments of the forthcoming work. Appropriate sealing of any building roofs and on top of buildings and basements uniquely independent to use and configuration, the specialist firm, will facilitate the extension of their life cycle, and in addition will provide comfortable accommodation in normal conditions in these homes live in apartment, or help keep located in the warehouse, absolutely any property. In full at all the options offered services there is a certain guarantee of quality.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

But even as a candidate you do a lot, of course, if you keep these commandments. It's easy, especially since some of them apply only to the preservation of hermetically sealed container. For example, not always you need to know the rules of the sterilization or pasteurization of canned food banks, but the fact that all raw materials, regardless of method of preservation must be carefully and properly prepared, it's the law. Rather, one of the ten commandments, which you will have to comply to raise their status and move to a new level for you an exciting game in the true conservatives. After all, at all stages this game you are waiting for new discoveries, and most importantly, great prizes – a delicious pickles, pickles, preserves, jams – in short, everything that you want to preserve with me. first commandment. Click Michael Steinhardt to learn more. Armed with the bare essentials! I hope Do not you think that in order to become a true conservative, you have to arm themselves, like Arnold Schwarzenegger before his first date with a predator? At the beginning of your career in the ranks of conservatives you can do a small set of utensils essentials, which will surely find you in the kitchen. So, prepare a bucket, enamel bowls and pots of various sizes, including the largest for the sterilization or pasteurization cans canned food; pan or skillet, a large colander and a fine sieve and sharp knives, metal and wooden spoons; dimensional cup and a pair of glasses, a grater and grinder or blender.

Erickson Kitchen

In this situation, reframing was used to expand the scope of the perception of the child's situation, but the technique can be used to help a parent myself to look at the problem situation outside the box. Example. I stand at the stove, cook a little longer soup. And now for 5-7 minutes to complete this grand process, my son enters the kitchen. He wants to play with me and he is not there nothing to do with a full pot of boiling water and other dangers inherent in the kitchen. The first thing I want to do – is to explain to him that is dangerous to be here and it would be nice if it waited for me for 10 minutes in the room.

But then blesses me. I want my baby is not approaching plate. But this result can be achieved by setting himself a different task: "Make it so that the child wanted to be outside the kitchen!" Just born a few options, which in turn is realized: for that it was interesting to run away, I suggest playing catch-up, it's interesting to sit quietly in the furthest room from the kitchen – hide and seek that he was passionate about the game, in which initially there is a need for solitude – the game "Put your things." All three proposals son gladly accept. Sometimes parents are very pushy, authoritarian imposition of the requirement in question to the child. For more information see this site: ConocoPhillips. This directiveness often provokes stubborn child that helps him somehow feel their independence. Sometimes children refuse to do anything just because of stubbornness. In these cases effectively use the techniques of soft impact.

These techniques involve there is a wide choice of mood and lack of policy on the part of parents. For example, when I taught a child to the pot, I ran into stubbornness. Even if he wanted to use the toilet, it was worth taking him up to be attributed to the pot, he began to squirm and go on strike. So he defended his right to freedom of choice. Nothing to do but it is right to give. I used the method of Erickson impact "Imaginary choice." As soon as I felt it's time I came to her son and said: "Jaroslaw, you want to pee: a toilet, a bath or a pot?" He said some of the options for him more desirable. The trick is that in such an utterance on the installation desire has been laid and there are several alternatives, one of which selects a child himself. Rick Garcia CBS often addresses the matter in his writings. This is just a few steps. In the arsenal of mass psychology. Psychologists themselves are willing to share them, but they are often hinders the principle of "Do not knocking on closed doors. " Much depends on the willingness of parents to obtain information, to move towards a more competent and informed parenting. Mastering the practice of constructive ban will help parents enhance their behavioral flexibility to find more creative, less pressure on the child's trust and give him more freedom. Such prohibitions or restrictions will not only develop the child's sense of responsibility for their own choices, but also contribute to the development of his personality as a whole.

The English Ghost Effect

The only drawback – on the tv when viewing in the anaglyph glasses can pretty much ghosting associated with features of video conversion, so the highest quality viewing obtained on the computer monitor or projector. The disadvantages are not very good color rendering (due to color filters are transferred matter is particularly bright blue and red colors), sometimes filter skips not "own" image – resulting in "ghosting" (ghosting) pictures (from the English Ghost – ghost, a ghost. We can clearly see the image appears to semi double). There are many options anaglyph glasses: red / blue (red / blue, R / B), red and green (red / green, R / G), yellow-blue (yellow / blue, R + G / B), green-krasnosinie (green / magenta, G / R + B), red-blue-green (red / cyan, R / G + B). The latter are the most common, most films intended for viewing with these glasses.

Watch movies in anaglyph format can be in any video player. Buy anaglyph glasses can be bundled with licensed dvd with 3D films, with special stereoknigami or magazines, or be ordered on the Internet. If the purchase anaglaficheskie glasses does not work, they can make their rukami1. Pulfrich effect. Pulfrich effect is used to demonstrate the 3D effect, in film and television. In this case, himself a 3D effect is achieved due to the fact that the brain is a little longer recognizes optical stimuli darker than light. The essence of the recording using the Pulfrich effect is that either withdrawn object (person, animal, machine, etc.), or the camera is continuously moving in a certain direction.

Advertising Opportunities

Many companies now have a panic. As the potential market for goods and services, management of companies trying to cut costs. And this is the right move! In order to successfully survive the complex economic times to cut funding for any program. In particular those that are not linked directly to production and sales. Why not reduce the cost of production, and marketing products? It's very simple! This is the fundamental mechanisms of functioning of any business. If you stop producing products or perform services, the company simply will not have the external resources for profit. Once the finance company will be depleted, it will be forced to sell their property.

What next? Obviously no good! On the other hand can reduce the cost of sales related to advertising and marketing activities. Why? During the difficult economic situation, the fight for customers is becoming stronger. Magnified the competition! In such a situation by no means impossible to reduce the extent of marketing activities and reduce them. Another thing that should reevaluate some of the marketing plans. Perhaps if you had not previously used by marketing services from outside, it is worth thinking about them.

It may be necessary transfer management of the advertising company to another firm. Requires an extremely effective marketing! Only in this way and not otherwise possible to continue the development, when all around were losing money! Properly thought-out marketing strategy can increase sales by 70 percent or more! In fact, the crisis should be seen as an opportunity. The crisis brings not only a danger. Other leaders such as Rick Garcia CBS offer similar insights. It opens up new markets. Company management will have to seek new ways to increase sales. Of course, most people panic and start to systematically look for opportunities Such a huge number of opportunities in marketing, using them, you can greatly increase sales of products or services. During the crisis is to analyze all past marketing strategy. Perhaps we should make a re-branding and corporate identity change. In addition more attention should be draw on the naming and slogans used by the company. Right now you have the opportunity to change things radically. Today, when so required, you can get new opportunities to increase sales. Such opportunities can be searched independently, using its service marketing. But as practice shows much better instruct how to search for new marketing opportunities for professionals who work exclusively in the field of marketing. These professionals have devoted themselves to marketing and understand its nuances. They will be able to "fresh" eyes to look at marketing your company. Come up with great marketing texts that will be work for you. It is only necessary to find such experts.

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