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What real estate company to be trusted? On the professionalism of the company say the license, international certificates such as ISO 9001:2000, participation in major trade fairs, round tables, professional societies, etc. Get this information can often be from the press and the Internet. One of the most important features of a professional company – the attitude to customers. Ask friends, colleagues – perhaps someone will recommend real estate companies, with which has successfully solved their housing problem. The number of customers grows proportionally to the good company of good reputation, which consists of reviews of grateful clients. In addition, when choosing real estate company it is useful to ask her for a period of real estate market, as it is – an important factor.

Experience in conducting transactions with other market participants and professional technology, the established team – all this requires, often, years of work. That's why you should pay attention to how many in the market you've selected company. Should I contact the realtor? Walk from the deal beginning to end with minimal risk in today's real estate market is extremely difficult. To save your nerves, time and money, it is better not to take risks, and to use the services of a professional. Your Personal Realtor will accompany you every step of the transaction – from initial consultation in our office before signing the contract of sale.

A contract you have with real estate company, will allow you to get the legal basis for competent execution of the transaction. All your requirements, rights and obligations of the company will not simply expressed in words, but recorded in a document that has legal effect, under which you will to build relations with the company. In addition, professional real estate company you can use the services of professional staff in the assessment of real estate, lawyers, notaries, etc. Another important factor – the presence of an exclusive base. Each is more or less a big company has its own exclusive database of proposals, ie, in addition to apartments, which are commercially available, you get the opportunity to choose among proposals that are not found through advertisements in the press – they only sell the company. In conclusion, it is worth noting that the services of a professional real estate companies today are not cheap. But is it worth risking the loss of an apartment or large amount of money and go to the free navigation of the pitfalls of total real estate market? We can only wish that each of you has found its honest and reliable Realtor. Artemov Y. Source: Property address article: Broker. Should I contact the realtor

Educational Milestones

Movements or trends that left strong marks on the vernacular poetry twentieth century, I will quote some milestones that marked, in my view, poetic chronicle of his time: the romanticism, the generations of post 40 and 40, the latter with its variant regionalist and urban poetry movement Buenos Aires, emerged as a break with the existing interior, surrealism and inventions of 50, 60 poetry, marked by a loss of faith in poetic language, and some load nihilating, to which may add an insurgent intimate colloquialism of deep root. Today the poetic, in our country, overcoming the predictable exceptions, seem to transit through other paths. With a strong theme involving desecration formal level, we found a trend that is oriented towards the plane of the concrete, with a revaluation of orality, the urban landscape without ambitious attempts at sublimation or searches. A fragmented poetry elides any influence, which seems to have veiled censored its own story. I wonder if we, today, with a poetic speech masses whose hegemony of the large urban centers to expand, as a reflex movement, inside, the other country. I say, too, if this mean quasi-homogeneous, like a symphony that runs the obstinato of everyday life, a gesture does not respond to community, which has an implicit mandate of differentiation, ensuring at least an alternative way of belonging.

In a virtual closure of being, of intimate conversation with the word – your inheritance – seems to have replaced the voice for a common construction, without slogans or manifestos, in a sort of silent epic, has sought to establish, perhaps as poem, that is not named. Consequently, it is also possible to think whether this deletion of the above, of our rich literary tradition, can not relate, as a symbolic parallel with a vital need to sweep the story itself, which we know, in this, our past Recently, marked by authoritarianism and genocide has left scars of looting and silence. (1) "The Movement Poetry 1950-1960 Buenos Aires, Editorial Fraternal, Buenos Aires, 1979. (2) Gelman, Juan, "interrupts a" Biblioteca Breve Seix Barral, Buenos Aires, 1997. Zubillaga Zulma Mom was born in Coronel, province of Buenos Aires in 1959. In 2005 he published his first book of poems, "The time that dazzles." She is a lecturer in Language, Literature and Latin. It operates literary Chivilcoy, where she lives. Co-chairs and serves on the staff of the literary magazine Fledermaus.

Zarechny Sverdlovsk

The problem of shortage of generating capacity has faced recently, Heat Supply Company Gatchina (Leningrad region). – City with a nearly 100-thousand people. "We were in a difficult situation, – said the chief engineer mue Thermal Network Gatchina Vladimir Sharabakin. – Urban Communications were established long ago and did not were calculated on the current load. To ensure full heat to all subscribers of the city center, it is necessary to change the main pipe, which will increase capacity heating pipes. At the same time, our calculations show that the heat, supplied to consumers, inefficiently used, especially in the offseason. When the premises became too hot, people open window and warm outside, and these losses significantly exceed our needs for additional energy.

If you replace the elevator units in homes for automated individual heat exchangers with a weather-dependent regulation, the load on urban heating system dramatically reduced. In addition, after installing the itp heating system in buildings is closed and the necessary operating pressure in its inner loop creates a pumping equipment within the of the substation. Thus, we can reduce the load on the pumps in boiler rooms, which are now "pumped" the entire city. And this is also a considerable savings. " A somewhat different problem has arisen in public utilities Zarechny Sverdlovsk region. The housing stock of this city has about 200 apartment buildings connected to district heating system. Despite the fact that in winter the temperature in these latitudes often falls below -30 C, in recent years zarechentsy suffer from systematic "melt down". "The temperature regime in the urban heating system is often unstable.

As a result of heating buildings comes superheated water. And the street is not always cold – explains the director of serviced urban housing management company llc "Deux" Sergei Skolobanov. – Therefore, in the houses warm. But residents do not have any means to regulate the air temperature. In result is that people pay for extra gigacalories, then how could spend that money, such as maintenance or improvement of their homes. " To remedy this situation, it was decided under the federal program Refurbished equip houses the heating system by means of thermal automatics. It is noteworthy that make it to the owners manual has recommended a management company. Last year, sixty homes Zarechny already established sites of regulation based on the equipment the company Danfoss, allowing to control the temperature of coolant entering the building in accordance with the changing weather conditions. Now the climate in their homes always comfortable. The logical conclusion was the translation of renovated homes on the metering of heat. "We not only solved the problem of" melt down ", but received a 20%-ing savings in payments for heating, – says Sergey Skolobanov. – Next year we plan to submit a new application to the Fund for Housing Reform and carry out reconstruction in 70 buildings. Most developed countries of Europe faced a shortage of energy for more than 30 years ago. And the stumbling block, as well as in Russia today, then become excessive power consumption of housing and communal services. However, experience in the last few decades has shown that this problem is solvable. Moreover, process of decision utilities can reach a new level of profitability. Similar transformations begin today in our country. There are already early successes. The main thing now – to make the most use experience of the nearest neighbors on the world map and the Russian regions. Press Service of the Danfoss

Eternal Spring

And again we return to the cosmetology, which we know quite a lot, though not all. It is true that our knowledge is always something we do not like. But it's probably good, otherwise there would be no new discoveries in science, Art, Technology … Write about the possibilities of the use of any of the essential oils can be a lot. But the main thing for us – as we can on their own to improve their appearance by using these wonderful scents. Can this be done? Yes, of course.

I've met quite a few groomed women, who in his forties. You are given a unique occasion to consider the possibility aromakosmetologii not only theoretical but also from a practical point of view. The use of masks, creams and massages will lead to fantastic results. So what's all the same thing a significant difference from the usual classical aromakosmetologii cosmetology? To understand this question, let's recall some theory. You all know that, traditionally divided into normal skin, dry, oily and mixed. Formation of the type of skin starts in utero.

Until the age of 25 individuals with normal to dry skin is 20%, others have oily or mixed skin. In the process of aging weakens the functioning of the sebaceous glands, so at the age of 45-50 years, most of them have dry skin. The reasons for differences in skin sample varied present the most important: the hormonal factor; constitutional differences, especially the autonomic nervous system, eating habits, methods of care for the track. In first place is a hormonal factor, and it is no accident. The skin condition is really just depends on the hormonal status. With age, decreasing levels of estrogen in the body, the skin begins to droop and become flabby. So, to raise the level of hormones due to the unique action of essential oils is quite real. And it is much safer and more efficient than entry into the body of synthetic hormones or hormones of animal origin. But that's not all. Unique penetration of essential oils makes them excellent moisturizers that is indispensable for aging skin. Essential oils penetrate the skin surface in the lower layers, reaching the vascular bed in a matter of minutes. In addition, all essential oils work on the principle of detoxification, cleansing of toxins is not only skin cells, but also the whole body. This is possible because each of multicomponent essential oils. It is known that found in some oils can enter up to 3000 components. So, it is a multicomponent and allows essential oil with a high degree of selectivity, by solving exactly the problem that bothers you at moment. Restored fluid and electrolyte balance, cleanses the blood, kidneys, gastro-intestinal tract. Compensated by the body's need for vitamins, provitamin, trace elements, enzymes, essential amino acids, hormone-like substances. All this together nourishes, moisturizes and regenerates the skin, giving it elasticity, firmness, freshness and youth. Contained in the flower oils Phytoestrogens restore the endocrine system women, increase sensitivity, increase the attractiveness. In addition to the cosmetic effects of high-performance, essential oils are beneficial also for psycho-emotional state and energy. So, what is in Cosmetology is the principal? That's right, it is competent skin care. And at the heart of anyone, even the most primitive, the cosmetic effect is skin cleansing. I think what has been said more than enough to to convince you of the need to use face masks based on essential oils.

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