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The Outlook direct reservation confirmations and the creation and confirmation of offers with a simple click of the mouse become child’s play. Each hotelier knows the importance of a well-run guest history. Therefore, the ResiGo hotel software offers centralized management of all guest data. By applying different guest selections so subsequent form letters are easy, and the individual guest legends enable an optimal support of the score during each stay up to the visual indication on his birthday. All lists (arrival, departure, reservations, day bookings, financial reports, accounting book, category usage, monthly accommodation statistics etc.) can be exported to PDF and RTF of course formats. The generator for all lists and statistics was still a piece of third party software in the past, was but a complete for ResiGo V9 In-house development replaced.

This ensures even more overview and reliability. At the new ResiGo V9 hotel software is also a financial accounting (financial accounting) – export. This helps the customer to save time and costs, as well a chart of accounts can be deposited and thus accounting data is automatically prepared for the accountant. “The bed tax also culture tax” already in cities like Cologne was introduced for quite some time, is now since January, for example, also in Aachen, Bremen and Berlin and municipally levied by more and more communities. It is completely new demands on the invoicing of the hoteliers, because the accounting methods are sometimes strange. Because it turns out the tax depending on the price, the hoteliers between 25 cents and 5 euros per night must dissipate. That would be, for example, a fee of 3.95 + 0.28 sales tax, so a 5.35% gross premium at a logistics cost 79 euros. Should this fee every time again with the calculator manual calculate, that would be a huge expense for the staff with the time. Here the new ResiGo V9 hotel software has a well-thought-out and simple solution also ready.

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