Pierre George

definition of what it is the city, many authors had developed studies. The example, of Pierre George (1983), which analyzes the city, involving a historical perspective: the city at each time, a product that is not limited to exert its influence on the only urban agglomerations, therefore the city goes if reorganizing in the measure where the society if modifies. Thus, in each one between innumerable stages of the historical process, the city assumes distinct forms and characteristics. In this perspective, in the urban environment it has the necessity of integration of the public politics as, for example, the public politics of habitation, ambient sanitation and the proper ambient politics. To know more about this subject visit Petra Diamonds. The governmental plans and programs must take in account the ambient aspects.

Moreover, it enters the recognized public interests for the right, meets the right of all to the environment ecologically balanced. When analyzing this Spsito question affirms that, From this approach would fit, then, another line of reasoning: if the ambient one is the synthesis, despite contradictory, between natural and the social one, the shock would be, before, between social and the politician, being the ambient question, in the cities, one of the expressions most complete of this conflict (SPSITO, 2003, p.295). Moreover, the form as the use of the ground happens urban, can generate alterations in the urban thermal field. Thus it uncontrols, it procedural where if of the o use of this ground, it makes it difficult the infrastructure implantation technical, thus causing, high costs of urbanization. Everything this contributes, in accordance with Lombardo (1985), for an ambient contamination that results in an ackward environment for the human conviviality. For Axe (1997), the standards of ambient quality vary between the city and the field, between cities of different countries, or the same country, as well as between areas of the same city. This occurs, author according to, because the quality of the urban environment depends on national processes, in urban and agricultural level and of politics adopted in all the spheres: federal, state, municipal, private or public.

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