Ramon Gallegos

This becomes experience as universal love, as us free from ego and the narcissism allows us to relate to all beings and feel a genuine unconditional interest in their welfare, we feel related to the totality of the kosmos revered the sacred in everything. This nature by its qualities gives us spiritual intelligence capacity where its three main components care, ethics and wisdom, synthesize their attributes. This is the model the spiritual intelligence transcends and surpasses the emotional and rational intelligence, but includes them, and in the following diagram, we see the qualities of each one of them. The two lower intelligences are good in their fair dimension, necessary and important in every one of them, but the human being is integral, not separate, so his being is destined to be in drive, the problem is that as we saw above, mechanistic education separates the constituents of the human being and treats it in a fragmented manner. No treated fragmented the human being is the goal of the HD, and the unique intelligence according to this is spiritual intelligence by their attributes and capabilities of the Dr. Ramon Gallegos draws the following: ability to be happy despite circumstance capacity of inner peace and equanimity capacity of universal love ability to live to serve ability to face and overcome the suffering capacity to be independent and autonomous capacity to solve problems of meanings and values ethical conduct ability to focus capacity in the because things judgment ability to live in a wider context of meanings ability to learn to be the entire holistic integration capability and add these master Ramon Gallegos Nava.

It is better to love than hate. The truth is that the lie is better. The good that evil is better. ES better knowledge than ignorance. It is better to give than to receive. The peace that violence is better.

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