Reality Increased

In the fight to remain themselves to the front of the competition and to surprise consuming we, some players of computers, cellular, smartphones, TVs of LCD, are placing in the market, products to become the experience of the customer each richer and dynamic time, in way that the interaction of the customer with the device in question, if becomes an experience of pleasant, effective use and at the same time extremely sufficiently simple. He sees for example, the case of the cellular Touch model of the HTC. I do not intend to speak here of the innumerable functions of this sophisticated device, but yes of one in special. In the truth, a new type of interface is treated, a well different type of what we were accustomed in the past. It enters in scene powerful resources for magnifying or increase of the reality (increased reality), resources as multi-touch and Surface that place design of interaction in a new platform, good more far from what if it could imagine. Everything substantially to improve the relation of the users, not only with the devices in itself, but basically with the marks, through these new and rich interfaces. The increased reality adds to virtual objects in our reality, enriching our world. We can understand it as an expression method that has inherited characteristics of the virtual reality, method that gave to origin to all the others and that it is capable to generate surrounding three-dimensional interactive in real time. The functioning of the three-dimensional cubical interface, TouchFlo technology of the HTC, is sufficiently interesting because you can have access the same resources of the device as agenda, its videos, its musics, its photos, email, SMS/MMS, IE, tasks, calendar, gerenciador of connections, etc, of one another form well more interesting, a more playful, fast and pleasant form, with a simple touch in the screen. He sees more on design of interface and reality increased in

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