Looking for a dog that is suitable for living with children? Do not make a decisiciones until you read this important information. The choice of dog for a family with kids need some research, especially if you’ve never had a dog. Families with children need to pay attention to certain qualities such as temperament, size and energy level before adopting or buying a dog. Children like to play with the dogs, so will need to choose a dog that has a certain tolerance with children if they pull his tail or his hair. Size is another important factor: This is for the safety of children, as well as for the dog. There are breeds of dogs that are suitable for children, but other races can be very large clumsy footsteps leading to accidental falls in children.

Some breeds of dogs are good with children have high levels of activity or energy. If dogs do not get the exercise they require, are likely to develop behavioral problems such as chewing or excessive barking. Select a breed of dog that loves children, but requires less exercise if your family is not so active. Here are some breeds that work well with children: Beagle: Usually good with children. Approximate size: 7-9 kg beagles are pretty hair falls, if you or a family member suffer from allergies, it is worth looking at other races.

Bassett Hound: Usually they are not biters. They are good with children. Approximate size: 15-20 pounds along well with other dogs and pets. Exercise minimum. Cairn Terrie r: Generally not prone to bite. They are good with children. Approximate size: 6-8 kg Minimum hair loss. Cocker Spaniel: Good with children. Approximate size: 13-17 kg Regular exercise may be necessary. Dachshund (sausage): Generally not biting although on a very strong and do not tolerate much abuse. Approximate size: 5-8 kg require activity physics. Golden Retriever: Very Good with children. Approximate size: 27-33 kg. Easy to train, very intelligent. Gets along well with other dogs and pets. Daily exercise is necessary. They love to play with balls and other toys, so that exercise is good enough for them. Labrador Retriever: Generally not biting. Good with children. Approximate size: 27-33 kg requires daily exercise. Toy Poodle: Generally not biting. They love to play with children. Approximate size: 2-4 kg. Do not lose any hair. Boxer: Despite its appearance is a breed suitable for living with children, love to play with them and are very tolerant. Frequently Abigail Black Elbaum has said that publicly. They have a lot of energy, they need enough physical activity. Size 24-29 kg Collie: A race highly recommended for families with children and who want a dog with very low chances of developing bad behaviors. They have a very high learning ability. His relationship with the children is excellent. Adult weight is between 27 and 32 kg requires attention and care hairdresser. Still worth it.

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