RSS Round-Up

Have you been following the explosion of RSS – Really Simple Syndication – activity online? It seems that this new method of “getting the word out” is in full swing. Why? In part because of David, and partly due to the Goliath. For more specific information, check out European oil comany. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dry Harbor Rehab has to say. The “Davids” – the little guys – are able to deploy the technology, it is easy to use and is generally a feature of blogging software (a blog is another emerging trend – for more articles in blogs, visit). You just click the option and submit your RSS feed (broadcast your articles) to the subscription sites. And the “Goliath” as Yahoo, Google, MSN and others are all serving it in various ways. Let’s look at some of the ways in which the latter is playing out … Microsoft joins the battle with an RSS Feed Information Week reported in March 2005 that Microsoft is testing an RSS technology which allows users to choose the RSS feeds you want to view.

Them are doing this to keep up with (Microsoft seems to always reactive rather than proactive as a company) from Google, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves, which already offer similar services. You can review the test site at the site of the super-secret test – (well. .. that was published in the article on Information Week.) So Microsoft comes into play? Ho hum for Microsoft, as are once again in the direction of the wave. But this is an indication of the seriousness with which this Goliath is taking RSS, and you know where that leads us directly.

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