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The dishes of the disc. To increase the capacity of the drive, most of the hard drive contains two or more disks. The disks, which are often called dlatos, are mounted around an axis called the spindle. All dishes revolve at the same time. The motor that spins the dishes can be attached or incorporated into the spindle, or can be found below the spindle in the form of large diameter flat engine. Both sides of the dish contain data. Since it would be impractical for a read/write head to serve to all sides of the dishes, each face of the plate has its own head. As heads of are grouped in a frame in the form of comb that moves all heads at the same time.

The accuracy of this mechanism is impressive. Dishes and heads must match precisely at each position track, found placed each head to only a hundredthousandth of an inch from the surface of the dish. This very precise geometry is maintained while the light heads move back and forward across the surface of the dishes, which spin at high speed. Really high-tech heads can be so close to the dishes, without touching them, since they actually fly over the surface of a stream of air created by the rotation of the disc.! Heads slowly rise when the unit is turned on and gently landing when the power is cut and the dishes will be reducing its speed until it stops. When the unit is not operating, heads resting on the surface of the disc. Disk drives are connected to the motherboard IDE port, so when reading data from the surface of the disc, these passed since heads through own disc circuits, until the controller circuits. As we will see later, not all disk drives need a controller card that serves as an intermediary between the unit and the computer. Data sent from the surface of the disc until the controller card arrive to a buffer, a small area of memory that acts as a temporary storage for the data area.

Once the data have been transferred to the buffer, the controller sends a signal to the microprocessor so that it starts to transfer data to memory chips. Data recovery Recover hard drive data recovery company from HDD, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Toshiba, Quantum, Western Digital, Samsung, Seagate, IBM. Specialized in operating systems Windows Vista, XP 95 98 ME, Unix, Linux, MAC OS X, Novell. Interfaces SCSI, IDE, ATA, SATA, SAS, USB, RAID, laptop, external. Data recovery Hard disk recovery Source of the article and original author data recovery

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