Seven Wonders

Metodolgicos procedures: This project will be developed with the pupils of the groups of 7, 8 and 9 year of basic education, of the matutino turn of the EEEFM Prof Luzia Simes Bartollini. Proposal for execution of the project: The group will be divided in seven groups, each group will be responsible for one of the seven wonders, will present in classroom the result of its research in seminary form, to the end will be mounted an exposition of the panels, videos and mockups of the material confectioned for the groups. Wheel of study: in hourly extraclassroom the groups of study will argue and define strategies for presentation of the research in the classroom. Consultation: the accomplishment of the research for the pupils and teacher will be through books, atlases and Internet where they had searched texts that had subsidized the execution of the project; Reflection and Seminary: dialogued from the carried through research (to distinguish natural landscape, action of the man of positive or negative form, debate, readings); Workshops: two had happened: one in the wheel of study with each group and teacher for confection of the material, to another workshop it will be in classroom with the group to organize the presentation of the subjects in the exposition. Accomplishment of Exposition: exposition of the panels, mockups among others will be in the patio with the objective to socialize the knowledge produced throughout the pedagogical process. Excursion: accomplishment of a lesson of field visiting one of the seven wonders of the Paraba with the purpose to exceed the physical limits of the classroom being explored the sensitivity of the direct contact of the pupils to the natural, cultural and patrimonial aspects of the visited place. Atitudinais contents: The project ' ' BEAUTIES MIL' ' through the research study it will observe and analyze the historical context of each one of the Seven Wonders of the Old World, Modern World and of the State of the Paraba, focusing the cultural plurality through the study of some cultures, the ethics by means of the appreciation of the relative behavior human being to the society and the environment detaching the natural beauties or the transformed ones. .

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