Smart Grid

This report represents the first Russian-speaking market research Smart Grid (SMART Grid). Today in Russia there is a big investment interest in the concept of smart Grid, but there is no clear understanding of what it consists of elements which affect the levels of energy, what is characterized by investments and what are the indicators of their effectiveness. For this reason, the present study were as follows Objectives: – classification and market segmentation smart Grid; – the study of foreign experience in implementation of Smart Grid – the current status of the Russian energy levels, which include elements of the smart Grid. In study under the smart Grid understood as a set of technologies that have the following features: – refers to the level of transmission and distribution networks, or the level of consumer (private, commercial, industrial consumers) – is a software-hardware solution, which is machine via communication information is transmitted to a control system that implements one or more functions (monitoring, management, billing, etc.) Thus, the intellectual power system or any of its finished element comprises two subsystems: subsystem of electricity transmission, which is traditional for any power system, and subsystem information exchange. That exchange of information in real time allows you to quickly and flexibly manage supply and demand in the grid, to avoid serious fluctuations characteristics of the network to integrate network of generation facilities from renewable energy sources and produce into account energy consumption. smart Grid technologies ensure compliance with electricity production and energy consumption by optimizing the management grid, including in cases of emergency shutdowns ('blackout', blackout).

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