The world of Smartphones, which seemed so closed, and until even oligopolistic, with absolute leadership of Rim, and with the iPhone on its heels, now it adds to other devices that seem to not be stopped up to occupy first place in sales, by encimad and its two competitors. We are talking about the Android platform, which has increasingly more followers and buyers. This way Linux, the operating system with more possibilities of advancement and development, charged revenge for loose sales in the computer market, and messing with the commercialization of mobile devices that include its Android platform. Thus, according to the data published by the consulting firm Nielsen, Android have become the first choice for buyers of mobile devices in the past 6 months, beating Apple’s iPhone himself. Based on the numbers who threw this report, Android has a current market’s 13 percent share, which collides with the 35 percent of RIM, and 28 percent of the iPhone, but where is well marked success taking Android, is in the figures for growth of the last time. It is that while the RIM platform has decreased by 2 per cent from the year 2009, the revolutionary device from Apple has had a growth of 7 percent, which is quite relegated if compared with 11 percent of growth experienced by the Android device. Also following with Nielsen data, 71 percent of those who buy an Android terminal, claim that your next phone will be a model based on this system. Beyond these positive numbers to the Linux-based system, the applications market is its big challenge. Is that although it has generated around 70,000 applications, fail to achieve the results expected, since the numbers are absolutely overwhelming: 99 percent of the downloaded applications are the inPhone.

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