Smoking Cessation Products

Perfidious business idea: killer with own first-aid products Reynolds American Inc., parent company of the cigarette producer R.J.. Reynolds and second largest tobacco manufacturer in the world, last December has the company Nico novum completely taken over. For a purchase price of SEK 310 million (converted just over 30 million euro) acquired all the shares of the Swedish manufacturer of nicotine replacement products. Nico novum was founded in 2000 by Karl Olov Fagerstrom, developer of the Fagerstrom test for nicotine dependence. The company is \”one of the leading experts in the world for smoking cessation and nicotine dependence\” according to self-expression. Ostensibly, he tries to appease the critics, by purporting to achieve this difficult aid exit willing smokers tobacco drug producer. Susan M.

Ivey, Reynolds American CEO, underlined the \”great potential of Nico novelty products for the purposes of public health\” and provides the acquisition as \”Extension of the damage reduction strategy\” dar, the Reynolds American and subsidiary companies have developed in recent years. Real harm reduction of the nicotine drug industry but obviously not located at. An example to illustrate: the tobacco drug producers do without ammonia-containing additives (which hide in seemingly harmless substances like licorice), so the effect would be far bigger than they could afford all smoking cessation AIDS. Instead to banish such substances reinforcing the addictive nature of nicotine but from their tobacco products, and thus smokers first place on a large scale to give a fighting chance in the fight against addiction, the tobacco drug producers want to Flay out even more money from smokers anyway already badly battered by selling them \”Smoking cessation AIDS\”. Urgent suspected it, if one considers himself the previous practices of the tobacco industry that they will make in case of doubt, that this Not too good work \”Smoking cessation AIDS\”. And if the public in this regard can’t be fooled, then the annoying the nicotine cessation products be pulped simply – by exorbitant profits from the tobacco drug business, that would be a serious problem for Reynolds. As already large proportion of smokers with tobacco addiction is a right dissatisfied and seriously trying, again to get rid of the unhealthy vices, the tobacco industry has an interest, as soon as possible to sabotage such escape attempts.

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