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The notice still is hot although this tide already to present itself this way and with this more age to be marked in the line of the time, the age of s-commerce, term that the new format of e-commerce represents and that it is to the few gaining its space in Brazil. A new marketing process based not more in marks and concepts, and yes in products, experiences and requirements of the consumers. S-commerce, abbreviation in English of Social Commerce (Social Commerce), nothing more is of what the integration of the electronic commerce to the social nets, where all the process of purchase and sales suffers common influence of the consumers through the sharing from experiences, necessities and interests. This modality already is being assayed this way through the Frugar, first social net of shopping Brazilian, a net in which the users can create its collections of products, that are classified thematically, in accordance with its desires, to invite its friends to follow these collections and to interact making commentaries, recommendations or giving its suggestions on the products. What it generates sharing of interests, exchange of opinions and mainly transforms the actions of marketing of the companies and propitiates the sprouting of new products. What already it came happening since the moment where the consumers they had taken the power and they had started to express in the Internet what he is ' ' bom' ' what he is ' ' ruim' ' in accordance with its experiences of purchase.

What if it differentiates in this new format, is that this social net, that congregates what we can call social purchasers, also offers suggestions of where these users can acquire its products of interest. Visualizing this trajectory we can go far and imagine, for example, Orkut and Facebook integrating its platforms with virtual store and giving to origin to the two virtual greaters shoppings of the world, joining leisure, entertainment and businesses. It would not be nothing badly. The groups and communities displaying for its members its necessities of consumption and receiving suggestions, critical or compliments on its possible purchases or acquisitions, while they become related socially, and the store, with all these information caught from these activities, offering its products for the niches of consumers who are its public of interest. The possibility to generate businesses for the retail in these platforms is clear, a time that many of its users are fidiciary offices and costumam to make use of them some times to the day. The advantages of s-commerce if present for all, for who vende and for who purchase, the consumers can count on the credibility of its friends, can compare opinions and carry through safer purchases and for companies the possibility to be more assertive and will in accordance with offer to products the demand of its public.

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