Space Invaders

The Internet is a very dangerous for children and also for adults. But as adults we take care that our children are not threatened by the evils of the Internet? This is a question we ask all parents. Children are no longer those who were before. They are now exposed in a clear manner to new influences and technology that there is and that reaching them more quickly than ourselves. Children can today speak of an iPod, iPhone, GPS, MP4 as then we talked about figures or strollers Matchbox brand. Children often ask us to play on the Internet in these online games sites.

Many of the games that are presented are not exactly for children, but rather for adults. As we know which sites are for children it is somewhat difficult to know and should first review the sites alone before sailing in dangerous waters. Many gaming sites are based on violent movies, virtual games but don’t like retro games, fun games that there is no as compare for your innocence and freshness that still leaves no surprise despite the passage of the years. Games with Pacman, Simon, Space Invaders, Tetris and asteroids are of the first games that hit our children for several decades. Let us make our children also enjoy these games as we did and have a healthier childhood based on them. Original author and source of the article.

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