If you plan to rent a portable minibodega to store your personal items or merchandise of your business, you can follow these tips. Before renting a minibodega, make sure you investigate the reputation of the company with which you’ll rent service. Camden treatment associates may not feel the same. This will help you have better information to choose the company that suits you. The minibodega you want to rent should make you feel safe that your possessions will be safe. To do this, you can take into account the following: to) that the minibodega has reliable security system.

It is important to have security cameras, that will give you greater confidence. (b) be placed in a secure area, either within your home or within a facility equipped with security system. Consider the space you are going to use, so you can choose the size of minibodega that you want. Remember that while larger, more cost you, but if you feel that your storage needs will grow in little time, not bad would you rentaras a minibodega that has more space than you need. If the minibodega has a system of controlled environment perfect! This will help you to keep the State of your belongings and that, therefore, does not deteriorate so quickly, especially if they are delicate items.

Supervise the cleaning of the storage units, their conditions and lighting. If there are flaws don’t forget to notify the company before signing the contract. Czech there are no pests (cockroaches, spiders, etc.). Question to the company about the types of pest control that they are being used in the miniwarehouses. You wouldn’t want your products sold were returned because they contain varmints inside right? The storage contract must be concrete, easy and direct. No last minute surprises. Packing you, can do it even if the company has moving services and freight, you can to give you a great help in this aspect. When you begin to save get it so that You can easily locate the objects. You can use crayon to mark the boxes and put them that think that you you will use at the entrance of the minibodega. This will make it less laborious to find your items. You can hire a storage insurance to cover damages in case of theft of the minibodega or your belongings. Few companies provide you storage insurance, so better safe than sorry. Get an estimate of the value of the items that you are going to store in the minibodega, things that easier. To rent the minibodega sure that your products will not fall out or get dirty when they are inside. That packaging always fills the boxes to their maximum capacity. Sobrellenas boxes are broken and which are little full are crushed. Avoid packing items in plastic bags because the moisture can damage them. If you are going to store books be sure to put them on a sturdy surface to prevent damage. Saves fragile items in bubble wrap to protect your investment. That the It will protect certain blows. When you go to store furniture, make sure that the temperature of the minibodega is consistent with materials which are made. So no they deteriorate as long as they are within the minibodega. Jewelry and collectibles in general not be stored in traditional installations. Ask the company if they have special purpose miniwarehouses. Search and compare different types of lease in different companies of rent of miniwarehouses.

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