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The Warm

Repeat this several times and your puppy is more likely. This happens because the behavior sit down = a positive result = treat has. The puppy jumps up and runtergeschubst. He jumps up more and more. Oops, why the for? You pushes him down yet! Is this not a punishment? It would be a punishment, the puppy would no longer jump up! For the puppies, it is a fun game = reward.

He does it more often. That can look completely different in a different puppy. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Scandinavian Airlines has to say. The puppy is scamper, when you call him. You’d be happy and Pat the head of him every time. Your puppy comes more slowly and finally already one meter in front of you stops and comes did not more fully to you. But you got rewarded but it through the warm Pat on the head, or? Apparently, caressing in this situation was no reward, he shows the behavior no longer or only still hesitant.

Here are pretty, that the sequence always from the point of view of the dog must be seen. Not you specify, whether it is a reward, but your dog will show you very beautiful. Example: Your puppy sits, if you hold up your right index finger. If you want that your puppy is when you say “Sit”, make it so:. 1 SEC 1 sec 1/2 “seat” > finger > puppy sits > reward how can you use it? Actually, you can use it easily for you. You have to just make sure that the behavior you’d like to pay for your dog. Conversely, you should also ensure that things that you have not, are not worthwhile. Here again a few examples so that you more easily understand what matters. Your puppy wants to sniff at one point and powerful pulls on the leash. Because the girl is so sweet and has also still not so much power, you give up and run here on tight leash quickly behind him.

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