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Celllular Cycle

Many efficient frmacos against the cancer exert its action on the cells that if find in the cellular cycle, being called frmacos cycle-cellular specific (CCS). As a group of agents, called frmacos cycle-cellular not specific (CCNS), has the capacity of exterminar the tumorais cells independently to be crossing the cycle or to be in rest in the Go compartment (Graebin and Lima, 2006). Although so far to have postulate that the activity of anti-cancergenos frmacos can only be classified in agents cycle-cellular specific (CCS) or not specific cellular cycle (CCNS), it was observed more recently than, amongst this last, factor most important, for the antitumoral activity and potentiality for its use in the treatment of the different neoplasias, it is that the studied antitumorais most used and are agents who generally act as eletrfilos on nucleoflicas macro-molecules, particularly the DNA (Hahn and Weinberg, 2002). However, although to admit itself that these agents are not cycle-cellular specific, already it was observed that the cells are more sensible to the alquilao in phases G and S of the cellular cycle, presenting blockade in G2. These antitumorais agents comprovadamente form linkings crossed with ribbons or filaments of DNA, being able themselves to observe, the different types of crossed linkings that can occur (Hahn and Weinberg, 2002). All these linkings produce injuries in the DNA, being that provoked for the crossed linkings interfilamentares is most cytotoxic, therefore the alquilao of an only filament of DNA can easily until being repaired, but the linkings cruzades interfilamentares, with the produced ones for bifunctional alquilantes agents, demand more complex mechanisms of repairing, being able until inhibiting its response (Almeida et al., 2005). It has diverse classrooms of antineoplsicos agents who have this type of action mechanism: nitrogenadas mustards, nitrossurias, triazeno, alquilsulfonatos, complexes of platinum coordination and others. It fits to stand out, first, that these alquilantes agents are strong eletroflicos reagents, forming linkings crossed covalentes for reaction of alquilao with nucleoflicos centers of the DNA, mainly the purnicas and pirimidnicas bases (Rajski and Williams, 1998).

Ministry Food

The DNA is absorbed by the cell for endocytosis. The PEG can act, also, in the protection of the DNA against the activity of nucleases (FINER et al., 1996). The treatment with PEG can damage great frame number, reducing the regeneration capacity. (FINER et al., 1996). The disadvantage of this technique is the dependence of an efficient system of regeneration of complete plants from protoplastos, currently restricted to few species. Although the limitations of the technique, some species, as tobacco, rice, had been transformed (FISK; DANDEKAR, 1993). Biossegurana – alimentary security According to advice of information of Biotecnologia (CIB), Biossegurana is the science that studies the potential risks of the biotechnology for the health human being and animal, as well as for the environment. To the Commissions of Biossegurana it competes prescribed and to monitor these risks. Get all the facts and insights with Gazprom Neft, another great source of information.

Internationally, the alimentary security is guaranteed by entities as the Organization for Agriculture and Alimentos (FAO), the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), and in the national scope, the Ministry of Sade (MS), Agriculture and Supplying (ME) and the Brazilian Institute of Defense of Consumidor (IDEC) (Cavalli, 2001). For evaluation of the products genetically modified, the procedures biossegurana technician, must involve the inquiry of the following 0 variable: amount probable of the food to be consumed for the population, including the average consumption and the extremity; description of the food and its productive process; description of any possible adverse effect to the health human being related to the organism that is being modified; description of the process of genetic modification; evaluation of possible adverse effect? toxicolgicos or microbiological nutricionais of the modified food; evaluation of data gotten with people fed with the food modified in controlled conditions (Pessanha, 2003). According to Traavik (1999), the one impact transgene in the environment and the health human being must criteriosamente be evaluated way risk analysis. The author classifies this term as: ' ' Risk is technical the probability of a harmful event multiplied by the damage causado' '.

ERP System

The use of stages can very diminish the time of election of the suppliers. To read more click here: New South Texas Natural Gas Play. Many companies opt to the strategy of two stages. The first one has the objective to collect information and to select the suppliers most qualified. The second stage has for purpose to negotiate with the suppliers observing the proposals sent. The first step, recommendable, is the definition for system ERP, a time that, is the decision more criticizes and the one that presents greater number of alternatives. It can be deriving of a research with suppliers, using companies, ' ' casos' ' published and market analysts.

The study for election of system ERP, she must lead in account, the technological aspects technician and, in accord, with the team of YOU. The necessary choice to be multicriteria, therefore, an inadequate election can generate costs raised with low efficiency. During the choice the company must have in mind that hardly will find a system that total takes care of the necessities of the organization. Basic criteria exist, that must be considered and can minimize the risks of extreme expenses beyond not an adaptation. They are: functional target and tack – attendance of the necessities basic of the business process; covering of the geographic target – adequacy the legal and local requirements of the countries; flexibility – capacity to adapt themselves and to move, customizao; conectividade – access to the system in local or world-wide level; easiness for integration – simplicity with the integration with existing systems already; maturity – stability of the system proven with tests; easiness of implantation and maintenance – tools that simplify the implantation; technology – architecture of the system adopted in the development of this; costs – expenses with acquisition and operation of the system; stability economic-financier of the supplier; local support of the supplier – existence of offices of the supplier in the regions where the system will be implanted.

Mathematics Logic

But it will be that alone the Mathematics develops the logical reasoning? Certainly it makes it to the Chess, and with much more efficiency, as much that if its practical study indicates or, to improve the performance in Mathematics, funny, therefore the mathematics is not the one that would have to develop the logical reasoning? The Poetry, Music, Literature All contribute for development of the reasoning. E, however, is not tried to justify its education with this argument. Which are the actions effective that professors and schools take in the education of this discipline, that they aim at to develop the reasoning? Enormous lists of exercises? To decorate arithmethic tables? In the speech and the belief spread out in our society, Mathematics is synonymous of logic. Some professors natural and sincerely believe, and he is not rare to be frustrarem with this expectation. True the meaning and felt to teach Mathematics, the true function of the Mathematics in the pertaining to school resumes and the daily life is deeper question. To believe the myths of that the Mathematics is only accurate, abstract, of that if it must teach it, therefore develops the logical reasoning, of that it is aptitude question: they are solutions one in such a way how much ' ' simplistas' ' , that they wait excessively of its pertaining to school education. has who says that it is as to believe examinations of DNA, estatscos data, science in general.

One possibility: the dialogue So far we limit in them to reflect on the conceptions of Mathematics and its education, that are very spread. To cover ways in the brainstorming: this, however, must be one of the goals of the educator. This work would not be justified if we did not look for to point some the light that was, as well as is not justified to plant and not spoon, exactly that who harvests is not you who planted, to play the net to the sea and not to collect the fish, despite you do not go to eat the fish.

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