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But it will be that alone the Mathematics develops the logical reasoning? Certainly it makes it to the Chess, and with much more efficiency, as much that if its practical study indicates or, to improve the performance in Mathematics, funny, therefore the mathematics is not the one that would have to develop the logical reasoning? The Poetry, Music, Literature All contribute for development of the reasoning. E, however, is not tried to justify its education with this argument. Which are the actions effective that professors and schools take in the education of this discipline, that they aim at to develop the reasoning? Enormous lists of exercises? To decorate arithmethic tables? In the speech and the belief spread out in our society, Mathematics is synonymous of logic. Some professors natural and sincerely believe, and he is not rare to be frustrarem with this expectation. True the meaning and felt to teach Mathematics, the true function of the Mathematics in the pertaining to school resumes and the daily life is deeper question. To believe the myths of that the Mathematics is only accurate, abstract, of that if it must teach it, therefore develops the logical reasoning, of that it is aptitude question: they are solutions one in such a way how much ' ' simplistas' ' , that they wait excessively of its pertaining to school education. has who says that it is as to believe examinations of DNA, estatscos data, science in general.

One possibility: the dialogue So far we limit in them to reflect on the conceptions of Mathematics and its education, that are very spread. To cover ways in the brainstorming: this, however, must be one of the goals of the educator. This work would not be justified if we did not look for to point some the light that was, as well as is not justified to plant and not spoon, exactly that who harvests is not you who planted, to play the net to the sea and not to collect the fish, despite you do not go to eat the fish.

The Place

This new conceptualization based on after-modernity produces knowledge from the current transformations, as the technological innovation, the globalization, the work nets, the social demands, being more reasonable, flexible, unstable, dynamic a science and that it considers the uncertainties of the nature. The society contemporary demands a formation to interdisciplinar integrating the economic dimensions, partner-cultural politics and that characterize the interdisciplinaridade, as the metrologia if has developed throughout its history. It is possible that let us find a position for the metrologia as science in the classification of the knowledge in the system of natural sciences. It is possible also that if the conclusion arrives that the system for the inclusion of the metrologia as science is not of natural sciences and yes of the social human beings or, what in nothing it would change the thesis: ' ' natural sciences still are different of social sciences, but these are come close each time more than and are previsible, in future not very distant, if to dissolve in them ' ' 26 If in fact the attributed phrase the Einstein is true: ' ' the concepts and basic principles of science are free inventions of the spirit humano' ' , to think about the metrologia as science establishing its basic concepts and principles facilitating its insertion in a system of sciences, would be only plus an invention of the human spirit. REFERENCES: 1 ISAEV, L.K. ' ' The Place of Metrology in The Science System On Postulates' ' , in General Aspects of Metrology and Measurements Techniques, of the Magazine Measurement Techniques, V. 36, N.

8, 853-854. Available in 2 There Mtrologie Internationale: Les travaux du BIPM et of l' OIML, ' ' Mtrologie est there present partout' '. Available in:, 3 Pontifical University Catholic of Rio De Janeiro PUC – River Program of After graduation in Metrologia.

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