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The Higher

It resides in another dimension where we even exist, because we are multidimensional beings. Everything happens exactly controlled through the higher self. I realize how it carries me through space and through time. It is actually worn and feels well guarded.) 4. Programming of the dream state, one can consult his dreams with the help of his consciousness. You get always an answer, if it is open. The dream responds mostly with symbols, one must then interpret. Below are a few example of how one can interpret these symbols. You may wish to learn more. If so, Salman Behbehani is the place to go.

Using these symbols, you can then answer his questions. You can see a pure symbol dream because that he used symbols appear unreal in the context or appear partially unreal in waking life. And so it is: you must clearly define the issue. So clearly the question of the so clearly the answer. You have to trust that the process works. In any case, you should muster passion! With the degree of passion, the importance of the question is on set the higher self. Just before going to sleep, you should connect to the higher self by connects to the light and a very clear question to his higher self. You can ask anything.

To get answers but only when the higher self or the higher self, the other is ready, which also out to admit information. There is no information without the consent of the souls. This is quite important to know. Because otherwise you could take advantage of that and may cause damage. There is this natural barrier. What you may not know you will know also. The dreams come mostly in the next night. If not, then in the next 3 nights. The dream please write after waking up, even if it is at night. Otherwise there is the risk that you forget it again! Interpret the dream please until then in the morning because you can fall asleep or maybe not so good again.

The Marriage

Nor, we can generalize any circumstance, a special form of life, a point of view or any specific company or a relationship model and describe as the ultimate healing for the collective. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gavin Baker, New York City. We are all individuals, and as such, must, and we can also only our own journey of discovery of our already commit healing being, and thus all things are applicable exclusively individual. This means that we have to the one say the task to develop, to be who we are, what accounts for this in particular and what we want to give us an awareness of the sensitivity, where we would move on our trip. And on the other a sensitivity in us to bring for all of this what individually good for us in this way, what leads us to him, which will enhance our individuality as such. And on this path of self realization a signpost in recognizing and experiencing both the health and the disease can us our Matter of salvation being be.

So we can also say that the health by means of the disease shows us, that we move away from you. And that disease health with is therefore essential, just on the one hand as a remedy exists in it and on the other hand, if we move on with the way interpretation of disease towards health, which also actually is the origin and existence of based of thereof, meet again the health in disease. Thus arises from health, disease and conversely health from the disease is born, or put another way, both offering passage to the other postural position. Both are points of departure with the same close to ourselves and reflect our attitude as such salvation being compared to. We decide whether we want to use the neutral notes, which provides us with the one or the other, to the distance or the marriage, either live in awareness of salvation being or the refusal of thereof.

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