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Car Championship

Foreign word ‘tuning’ in recent years become a part of life, and lexicon Russian motorists. Who does not dream of owning a car that would be different from the gray mass of his fellows as technical specifications and appearance. To improve and refine all the characteristics of conveyor car and called tuning. Many owners make enough cars exterior car tuning: tinted windows, or paint the car, while others go further – perform interior tuning, tuning, suspension, engine tuning, chip tuning. We wonder how we know this process, known as a mysterious word ‘tuning’.

It is human nature the desire for originality and extraordinary. Agree, horrible woman met at a party in the same outfit as you. A similar situation with cars. Why I should be the same car as your friend – many people think. AND taken to individualize it. The first cars were very similar to each other.

So have the desire to diversify their appearance. Cars began to paint the different colors in the future there are different complete a single model. These processes are the beginnings of modern tyuningovaniya cars. Touching on the cause of technological tuning, let us remember the competitions ‘drag racers’ that were very popular in circles young people of America in the mid-twentieth century, and which is considered the ancestor of tuning in its present form. Participants competed, who will travel faster than a certain stretch of road. Naturally, the better and cooler cars – the more likely win the race, so the cars tried to improve by all available means: throwing spare wheel and rear seats, ‘upgrade’ engines, even put on the cars from motors trucks. Similar ‘movement’ were almost at the same time and in Germany. Conduct ‘Touring Car Championship pushed to modernize conveyor cars. a few things about the history of tuning in Russia. Despite the massive appearance on Russian roads ‘foreigners’, many Russians continue to hold ‘old man’ vase. Thus, tuning in Russia – is primarily.

GPS Navigator

With full confidence we can say that each driver, which exceeded the length of one year, had to wander through the confusing roads of the country to find the correct road to the goal. Or, by reason of not choosing the correct route, was in an open field with an empty tank. All of this can be avoided by having a navigator who will show the correct way and pave the route as profitable. But do not just buy the Navigator GPS, necessary to have properly selected GPS navigator. The choice of GPS receiver – a simple process, but the correct choice of the GPS receiver – a much more complicated process involving a number of paragraphs and subparagraphs. Perhaps the most first thing is to bypass all the stores that put up for sale GPS navigators, and get acquainted with models of GPS systems represented. Be sure to write down the model you liked most GPS receivers.

Should be carefully explore the characteristics of each of the presented GPS. It is a mistake to assume that all GPS navigators are identical in their characteristics, even if in the technical manual will bear the same technical data, in fact, they can differ significantly. Consult the reviews of drivers who had to use one or the other GPS navigator, far from unpleasant to be in a little known area of GPS navigation is not able to catch the signal. Some GPS systems include a number of additional, often useless, features. Some GPS navigators can please the driver, even primitive games, time for transmission that will help reduce the unpleasant expectancy effect. Not the least factor in choosing a GPS device is its appearance, as unpleasant to look at the instrument is not suitable in shape to the interior design of the car. Screen GPS navigation must be readable and easy to use. Length of paper, bulky card is waning in the background. Are replaced by new technologies in the face of GPS devices, which do not cease to grow for a second.


In the postwar years, a lot of transportation problems that could not be solved using existing at the time of trucks. So there were tractors and chassis, which could be equipped with additional equipment to cope with new and complicated tasks. In 20 more years of the twentieth century, overseas mastered a way to transport the most severe and long goods by trucks. Approximately the same Time was invented and tractor-trailer. In the Soviet Union before the war would only apply to light commercial trucks, tractors, and not widespread.

Great Patriotic War as the best way demonstrated Soviet car industry of its insolvency. If the Americans, British and Germans transported their tanks on tractors carrying capacity from 20 to 45 tons, fitted with winches, the Soviet T-34 tanks were forced to plow vastness of the country itself. Developers assume their only transportation by rail. Under these conditions, the tanks are often required repairs, and most importantly – to lose precious time. After the victory at elevated privacy, work began on the creation of the Soviet heavy truck tractor MAZ. The postwar years were filled with the need to rebuild the country, build new housing, to explore new territory. Began immediately after the war, the Cold War implied the development of powerful missiles and the development of nuclear technology.

Wherever required heavy-duty trucks, agile and capable of carrying complex large loads on the roads with a variety of coating. Finally, in 1958, began assembly-line production of tractors MAZ, and in 1960 began production of tractors and at the Kremenchug Automobile Plant. Tractor units KrAZ and MAZ in various ways: for use on smooth roads and off-road conditions, with different number of wheels and a variety of specifications. Within a few years Saddlery tractor, which was originally developed for military purposes, have been used everywhere, where there was a need to transport heavy and bulky cargo. Today, tractors MAZ are essential to long-haul international flights, they meet all international requirements, which allows their use in EU countries. Truck tractors KrAZ famous for their maneuverability and payload record: Gross weight, transportable KrAZ tractor can reach 60 tons. But some problems tractors can not solve. To install new missiles and addressing other non-standard tasks needed was a fundamentally different technique. Approximately same time as truck tractors were designed chassis. After a short time the engineers have mastered the complete set of gear a wide variety of equipment, ranging from construction cranes and ending watering machines. Modern KrAZ and MAZ allow the installation of the most diverse techniques for use in mining, forestry, oil and gas industry, as well as in construction and public utilities.

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