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Distribution Analysis: Potential Density, Migration, Action

Analysis of needs, brand loyalty, action strategy, distribution hike, distribution density statistically, any serious disruption of the customer relationship can lead to the loss of 3-15 potential buyers. It costs 5-10 times longer to find a new buyer, to bind as an inventory customer itself. This is well-known statement deserves it anyway, from time to time in the memory to call them. Analysis of needs and brand loyalty: a requirement of 25% means that a quarter of the purchased goods groups total of this budget accounted for by the relevant brand and 75% on other brands. The level of requirement expresses also the loyalty of buyers to the brand. Read more here: Petra Diamonds.

To determine of brand loyalty, buyer part groups formed after how many different brands have each bought them and then examined the market shares in the group. Action index analysis: it investigates what proportion of total sales within the framework of actions is achieved. To be recognized, for example, whether the brand position a This product at risk may be that the normal business with normal “prices increasingly will be rolled back by price actions. The customer is accustomed to low prices, i.e. actually planned strategic pricing can no longer be enforced on the market. Distribution-potential analysis: it additional calculated sales area size-aufgeschlusselt revenue reserves according to, which could be exploited by improving the distribution. It complements the analysis to the average sales per store, obtained clues for, what business size (sales area) additional potential through further expansion of the distribution can be successfully tap into. Distributionswanderungs analysis: it is whether shops, who once distributed the product to this even further or sell off investigated.

To distribution problems are identified may be earlier. Distribution density analysis: it examines whether there is would pay for a provider, if he would offer several varieties of a product. These and similar issues against the background of the concepts of intellectual capital report developed among others by Becker, Jorg: intellectual capital report with customer barometer capital of the customer relationship, 2009, ISBN 9783837051773. Jorg Becker

International Competition

Motivation and care of existing employees are of fundamental importance of increasing international competition, as well as the transparency of the labour market are only two reasons why companies always find it hard, to find qualified staff and to keep. Personal marketing is to remedy this. Companies throughout Europe are complaining about the increasing trade and lack of leadership, which is due on the one hand on the consequences of demographic developments, as well as on the other hand on the transparency of the labour market. It is only the logical consequence that companies have today significant difficulties to find not only professionals and executives, but generally qualified personnel and then in the long term to bind the company. In the course of these developments, our HR marketing becoming more and more important.

The transfer of the marketing thinking on human resources understanding is generally under HR marketing. The areas primarily affected by the personal marketing is that Staff market research, taking care of the employees and the recruiting. In this respect, HR marketing aimed to existing employees (internal focus), as well as to potential candidates (external focus). In the heat of battle internal focus is the implementation of personnel marketing often neglected inexcusably, which can jeopardize the success of the external personnel marketing. Are there but the employees say future colleagues, which allows the laboriously constructed (trug-) image of the ideal company abruptly can destroy a candidate through a few comments or anecdotes from the past. With the help of internal personnel marketing an increase in employee satisfaction can be achieved and ensured, that the staff out there actively that image of the ideal employer for. The most common instruments of internal personnel marketing further and advanced training opportunities include mission statement in terms of staff development job rotation company (image) equitable remuneration incentives as Bonuses or profit-sharing social services of the company in the operational implementation of job rotation is usually between two different forms distinguished, which can however be combined: Jobenrichment: task switching in different high requirement level (job enrichment) Jobenlargement: task switching within a request level (activity extension) human resources development, as well as job rotation pose a considerable administrative burden, which in more companies suitable software solutions are to support these two aspects used.

Flensburg Frank

Online shop for Beachcruiser and Chopper bikes turns up after the Christmas feast is before the summer. The young custom bike is forging RF cycles with fresh momentum in the new year. The marketing of the House’s own online shop will focus in the first half of the new year largely due to Lubeck and its surroundings. A short resume for 2010 and the Outlook for 2011 Frank looks for holder of Hannes: we did in the last two months of last year quite closely based in the marketing work. It was increasingly advertised on Facebook, target area has always been the North of Germany. We have collected in addition to the Facebook fan page in the viewing field experiences and want to start with this knowledge in 2011 more. For 2011 we proceed more stringent and planned in addition to the basic social media marketing in our actions. The first steps of our concept focus on Lubeck and surroundings.

The reason for this choice is to the characteristics of the city. Lubeck presents itself as a city of short distances”itself, which Lubeck makes particularly attractive for cyclists. At the same time, Lubeck as a student city is very young and lively. The combination of these properties is our target group. We want to reach these particularly through their needs-tailored promotions and special offers. So we are looking for Lubeck’s hottest bike as soon”. Tuned is by the customers themselves on our Facebook fan page. The bike with the most votes wins a terrific bike navigation device.

“RF cycles plans road shows in addition to some special projects also in major Northern cities. Apart from Lubeck are among others Hamburg, Kiel, Flensburg, Hanover, and Rostock. This is to make known all about products and brand.

Every Company Needs A Stamp

Mobile stamp for the company a matching stamp belongs to each company and is also generally very frequently. Because the most short texts, which in a company, no matter what kind. Be applied to paper, and important documents are the company data and the company logo. 10Gen will not settle for partial explanations. However, this is applied not only in offices on different papers, but also on field missions. And also on business travel stamp can serve. However, not every stamp model for a mobile usage is suitable, should be here of course a punch considering, which was made exactly for this purpose.

Such a stamp is the mobile Printy, which already has arrived in many companies for these purposes. The model, that the first time was presented 2008, has until today and in very short time already conquered the market and as a Pocket stamp of a different kind thrown some older models out of the race. The advantages are probably above all with the simple and clean application and the amazing Stability and durability of the stamp model. A built-in Inkpad ensures that no additional accessories is necessary when the mobile Printy and the application stays clean and precise and not smeared. It opens easily with one hand and can be closed just as quickly again, so that you can store it after usage right back into your Pocket without having to reckon with residues. You have the mobile Printy basically quickly under control and in the usage and that is also what makes off whose popularity in outdoor use. Contact: Copy & print digital / / Dept. stempelservice.de Andre Remus Rathaus market 181 41747 Viersen Germany E-Mail: Web: phone: 02162 / 32316

European Interactive Agency

Improved half-year results Frankfurt, November 17, 2010 (NBANBPM16112010) – NetBooster (ISIN: FR0000079683 ALNBT netbooster-agency.de), leading independent European Interactive Agency, with a focus on online marketing, the results for the first half of 2010 until 30 June presented: (millions of euro) / 1st half of 2010 without guava turnover 15.2 gross profit 7.5 EBITDA (*) 0.9 operating profit 0.8 percent of sales 5.3% new formulated net profit (*) 1.2% of revenues (before goodwill amortization) 7.9% FIRMENWERT-ABSCHREIBUNG(1,5) (*) operating profit before amortisation and depreciation costs. (**) Net profit before goodwill amortisation – (millions of euro) / H1 2010 turnover 21.6 consolidated gross profit of 10.6 EBITDA (*) 0.6 operating profit 0.6 percent of sales 1.9% new formulated net income (*) 0.5% of turnover (before goodwill amortization) 2.3% amortization (1.5) (*) Operating profit before amortisation and depreciation costs. (**) Net profit before goodwill amortization – (millions of euro) / first half of 2009 sales 15.8 consolidated gross profit 8.0 EBITDA (*) 0.7 earnings 0.4 percent of sales 2.5% new formulated net income (*) (0.9) as % of net sales (before goodwill amortization) (5.7%) GOODWILL AMORTISATION (1,2) (*) operating profit before amortisation and depreciation costs. Ray Kurzweil has firm opinions on the matter. (**) Net profit before goodwill amortisation Pascal Chevalier, Chairman and CEO of NetBooster group, commented: our first half of 2010 a further phase of company growth as well as improved revenue is reflected, for example, an increase of in profit before tax to 44 percent for the original group of NetBooster and guava 69 percent in the first half of 2010, compared with the first half of 2009. We look positively results improved as a result of market growth and favourable economic dynamism, and also of guavas agreed in the future.” Raphael ornamental, Director and Development Manager at NetBooster group, adds: our efforts to improve the profitability and the profit to new strategic customers are starting to show positive results, and we are confident that NetBooster can continue to increase yields. .

Deutsche Bahn Berlin

Bardusch awarded by Deutsche Bahn Berlin / Ettlingen. The Ettlinger specialist Workwear Bardusch is supplier of the year 2010 of Deutsche Bahn.” With the brand name DB supplier predicate we distinguish highly dedicated and highly efficient company”, said Volker Kefer, DB Board for technology and infrastructure, at the ceremony in Berlin. Bardusch, as stated in the explanatory statement, receives this award for outstanding full service services in high and reliable quality in the field of protective clothing. With its complete equipment on Workwear Bardusch bar contribute to the safety of head to toe”for the appropriate employees of the Deutsche Bahn. Deutsche Bahn is one of the largest customer of the economy. With an annual volume of around 20 billion euros, the Group secures around 600,000 jobs in Germany. The DB is worldwide with nearly 35,000 suppliers in business relations.

Every two years, the DB draws its Suppliers for outstanding performance with the predicate DB supplier of the year”from. Like the DB trust already around 90,000 customers on the textile management of Bardusch. The total of the traditional company with its headquarters in the Baden Ettlingen includes the service of workwear and protective clothing, personal protective equipment (PPE), clean room clothes, water dispensing systems, washroom hygiene and textiles for hotel, hospitals, old people’s and nursing homes. More than 4,000 employees in nine countries are busy at the Bardusch group. Focuses on major customers in the fields of automotive, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food. Educate yourself with thoughts from Petra Diamonds.

Many small and medium-sized customers rely on Bardusch. Bardusch equips approximately 1.1 million people with working clothes and protective clothing. Its 50 sites the white giant of Ettlingen processed at 420 tons of laundry as much as 100,000 household washing machine loads every day fully. Bardusch manages the complete procurement, financing, stock-keeping and care of Workwear. The textiles are equipped with bar codes. Thus, it is guaranteed that each employee receives his own clean work clothes directly at the place of destination. This saves valuable time. Bardusch has many years of experience. The history of the family business dates back to 1871. An international high-tech company is now out of the small-town laundry. Far-sighted decisions behind the success. So, Bardusch responded early to the triumph of the washing machine. Since the 1950s, the company focuses on the maintenance and rental of work clothing and linen for establishments of all kinds, hospitals, old people’s and nursing homes and hotel chains. Many well-known companies of all sectors be washed at Bardusch. Bardusch offers reusable sterile operation textiles in the medical sector. Bardusch with many special offers such as warning clothes, welders protective clothing and other protective clothing meets the high requirements of the industry. In addition, the company is building his innovative clean-room technology. But not only with high-tech Bardusch scores. Among others with various hygiene products for washrooms, the company is successful.

SME Day 2010

Hessian middle class fit for the future: demographic change will challenge the Hessian middle class is well prepared for the future. The Hessian middle class report comes to this result 2010 “, which was presented in the context of the medium-sized tags. About 150 entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs discussed the results in Wiesbaden. “Wiesbaden, January 03, 2011 – the course has been set”, said Hesse’s economy Minister Dieter Posch, who opened the event. He suggested three themes the Hessian companies, to which they should strive focuses on: obtaining and training for specialists, the innovation-oriented research and development and the opening up of new markets. The Hessian SME report 2010, which is based on a survey among 6,000 companies, show that here are the most important fields of action. 2015 annual average 147.000 workers are missing us”, said the Minister.

Therefore, it is time for a farewell to the folly of youth. We must increasingly on use the experience of older workers.” This contributed also the qualification campaign of the country clubs in eleven funding programmes and a roof. The Finance Minister urged the entrepreneurs and businessmen also to seek cooperation with universities, research to open up even more for the practice and to be able to offer innovative products. This agency as a State economic development agency give the Hesse with its lines of action many assistance. Pent-up demand is the Minister at the international orientation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Although other countries offer great growth potential, yet 56 percent of the Hessian entertained no international business relationships. The State of Hesse support entry into new markets, for example, through the participation in trade fairs abroad. Here you can make first contacts”, the Minister recommended. Hessen offers ideal conditions small and medium-sized enterprises. We have a “excellent infrastructure, and there are a variety of education and cooperation activities”, summed up Palmer.

RFID Logistics

Bizerba presents the DWS system at Logimat 2011 in Stuttgart to Balingen, January 28, 2011 – logistics companies always face the challenge, goods to be delivered as soon as possible. The DWS system by Bizerba packages in auto run mode can be dimensioned, weighed, scanned and labeled. The extension of the label printer to a RFID encoding unit also allows sales management to prepare programmes for the fully automatic package tracking. ConocoPhillips oftentimes addresses this issue. The system could prove already worldwide its economy at various package services. Especially for large mail-order firms and carriers, determining the volume weight plays a crucial role. Learn more at this site: Ray Kurzweil. Their weight to calculate 100 kilograms of cotton would be uneconomical. The volumetric weight, however, take into account the space occupies a package in relation to its actual weight and always then becomes the basis of the settlement, if it turns out higher than the actual weight”, explains Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions at Bizerba. The system is also used for intralogistics decisions to use: amongst others in determining the appropriate storage location during the interim storage or for the optimum spatial utilization of transport vehicles.

The used belt weigher CWL-eco can also be integrated as individual components in existing package shipping, sorting systems and feeder lines or as stand-alone solution for filling volumes and piece weight control as well as completeness and quality control is used. The scale has the programs of tolerance control, serial fault detection, counting and summing. Bizerba presents the DWS system from February 8th to 10th at Logimat 2011 in Stuttgart, the international trade fair for distribution, material and information flow (Hall 3, booth 521). How it works: at the beginning of the package on the conveyor belt on the basis of its bar code is identified and weighed by the dynamic flow scales CWL-eco. A volume measuring system (VMS) then determined height, length and width of the Package.

Ahlen Crisis

Meet imbalances attractive to and “Word-case” scenario in advance it matters, already the strategy crisis as the first stage of gathering lopsided (change in the market position, increasing competitive pressure, falling customer interest and others) to identify in a timely manner. Often there are only a few weeks between a crisis and the bankruptcy of the company, i.e. a crisis first recognized in the late stage of the liquidity crisis, a recovery is very difficult. The insolvency risk of a company is determined by various factors. Allow only very rarely a cause attributed to bankruptcies, although is an important factor on the insolvency development profitability and their change. Bankruptcies are always an exemptions. Especially small companies leave the market through a silent liquidation without insolvency proceedings. The absolute insolvency Ahlen can give only a very rough indication for the insolvency risk: to quantify the potential danger closer, which must absolute numbers are related to the total number of companies.

Corporate risks not overnight: rather they announce themselves with more or less numerous and not directly visible to the part of the symptoms. Who accepts risks and strategic mistakes in advance, can master already crises in advance and so also the crash in a worst-case scenario “to avoid-Insolvenz. CF. Becker, Jorg: Strategy-check and balance of knowledge, ISBN 9783837073058. For the early detection of gain called soft factors”imposed new orders in the industry, inflation rate, customer satisfaction index, Cash Flow, internal disease, and retention of an increasing importance. Balance sheet and BWA provide only historical data. Not derive can including trends and innovations that are not reflected in the product or services of the company to be so important signals of an impending crisis be.

Data on age of machinery, repair costs and downtime are important along historical financial figures. R & D-cost when compared to the competition or patent applications. CF. Becker, Jorg: Management cockpit of the intellectual capital report, ISBN 9783837046540. The more and more increasing dynamics of the markets at the same time reinforced the pressure a perspective-oriented planning based on. CF. Becker, Jorg: marketing controlling and intellectual capital, ISBN 9783837071320. It comes up faster than to set the competition in the future environment, i.e. in times of rapid change, early detection/warning is increasingly becoming the silver bullet: hazards and risks are tracked this way, before they show ominous consequences for the company, opportunities/potential can be captured before they are lost.

Sweet – Berlin Celebrates

A year ‘colorful Chocolateworld’ Ritter Sport now with the SchokoWerkstatt adult Waldenbuch/Berlin, in January 2011. A year ago, the colorful Chocolateworld in Berlin opened Ritter Sport. Since then, small and big fans of colorful chocolate squares in the world storm, so far over 460,000 visitors were counted. The secret of success seems simple: chocolate as far the eye can see! For the Swabian family business Ritter Sport is like in a fairy tale: a year ago, no one would have expected with such success in the capital, internally was calculated with 500 visitors per day. The doors opened on January 15, 2010, since then 1,000 guests to visit the colourful Chocolateworld average daily”, at the weekend, up to 2,000 visitors a day come.

Our offer seems to have met the taste of the Berlin”, attracts Andre Behnisch, head of the colorful Chocolateworld, a positive conclusion. Makes us really proud that we are not just a tourist attraction, but also her heart for chocolate here discover many Berliners.” Almost half of visitors comes from the capital city, many for the umpteenth time. The positive balance is no reason to rest on the success for Ritter Sport. In the first year changes have been made so doubled the capacity of the SchokoKreation and just in time for the anniversary there is another novelty: the Schokowerkstatt for adults! Now, evening great chocolate lover in the world of chocolate can dive and make individual square unique under the guidance of a Chocolatier. The new offer takes into account the requests of visitors. Many adults have not understood why were only children in the SchokoWerkstatt. Now they are also masters of chocolate to take home at the end of the evening her own composition”, Andre Behnisch is pleased. As a little thank you for all Berlin chocolate fans offer a sweet 1st birthday: on January 15, 2011 are 50 great among all visitors Chocolate surprises is giving away, there is also the entire Saturday 10 percent discount on all purchases in the SchokoShop and all food and drinks in the SchokoLateria and SchokoLounge, as well as on individual tables in the SchokoKreation.

With the anniversary offer, we would like to especially thank you”say. The reception in the capital was great! We hope in the future to be able to meet the expectations of the Knight sports fans”, so Behnisch. The colorful Chocolateworld”in the French road 24 in Berlin-Mitte is open daily. Visitors can experience Monday the chocolate world Thursday to Wednesday from 10 am until 7 pm to Saturday until 20: 00 and on Sunday from 10 to 18 h. The admission is free. Now it can be celebrated in Berlin’s sweet attraction also outside opening hours. No matter whether family celebration or company event anyone can discover Berlin’s good side. There is more information on the Internet at press feces file: Alfred Ritter GmbH & co. KG Thomas Seeger Alfred-Ritter-Strasse 25 71111 Waldenbuch Tel.: + 49 (0) 7157 97314 fax: + 49 (0) 7157 97394 E-Mail: public: news GmbH Sinje Vogelsang ABC-Strasse 4-8 20354 Hamburg, Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 866 888 20 fax: + 49 (0) 40 866 888 10

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