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Opel Calibra

Opel Calibra – one of the most successful models of Opel brand in more than a century. 'Ferrari for the poor' – so named for road-teste British journalists from the publication of 'Autocar' is a sport coupe. So someone who, as the British know something in sports cars … Vozniknuvshi the fall of 1989 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Opel Calibra car caused a sensation: the public and seasoned automotive journalists were shocked. And, in fact: a special wedge-shaped body, with narrow headlights and predatory limber, powerful engine and a 100% recognition.

Aerodynamic drag factor of only 0.26 – a result that exceeded all expectations, and even now many sports coupe he can not do. On the conveyor Opel Caliber established in March 1990 and was removed only in 1997, but another year the car was manufactured in Finland by Valmet company's headquarters in parallel with the Saab 900 Cabrio and VAZ 2109 Baltic. In the model range was the successor to the car Opel Manta B and came to the only coupe in the lineup until 1994 Opel year, when there was Tigra. Tellingly, the attitude to yourself Opel Calibra was significantly different from its predecessor in the lineup – Manta also coupe. 'Manta' in Germany with a smile, a machine female hairdressers and Beginners pimps. Opel Caliber also loved seriously. For stylish looks for comfort, with fantastic aerodynamics. First, demand was speculative. Its a very advanced people disliked about thirty: nimble brokers made rich in virus and antivirus software developers, show-meny, hockey scorers, successful managers …

Evacuation Truck

In my practice I often come across cases where a car that needed to evacuate in an emergency state (stuck wheel, faulty steering, braking system is not working, silt Bearing shruzy on wheels damaged, flowing oil or other fluid, the machine has an irregular shape). Of course, the evacuation of the car pretty complicated process. When I first encountered such a case (in which case I even went himself behind the wheel while driving his seemingly to me the best tow truck ZIL goby) – for some reason I immediately wanted to turn around and go home, because the machine that was to evacuate neobhoidmo stood in the center intersection and she was right vmyato korleso almost to the engine. But at the sama a moment when I saw this I got a call one (experienced evakuatorschik even then), I told him about how I got there. He listened and said that in principle nothing complicated, it galvnoe preduperdit client about the risks of deformation of the car, and that may reasonably cause the car involved in disposing of the car, since they are equipped with a crane, to raising machine by straps. After talking with a friend, I went to a client, told him about the process of loading his car for my tow truck (placed under the wheel jammed object that can slide or roll over and slowly pulled the car winch tow) and the possible risks, as well as on the options, how can other way to evacuate (about the method of the crane). The client agreed to evacuate my tow vehicle.

Together we pulled into the car safely on the tow truck (no damage could come off the wheel) and I just quietly took to the evacuator sovem his car in the car wash. In the service station we exactly the same method lowered the car (lower – than to drag more complicated, since we make an effort to ensure that the vehicle had soskolzil to the ground) and I went as a hero then go home. Learn more at: Tufan Erginbilgic. In general, the process and the evacuation and disposal of vehicles emergency condition is reduced to what it would evacuate the method that will cause less damage to the car the most and will not produce any deformation in its individual parts or in whole, in car design. In general terms – these are the methods based on the use of winches gramotnogom tow truck, crane arm, hydraulic platform vehicle evacuation, as an improvised and world around us. Detail the methods of evacuation, you can read my article – 'The methods used to evacuate the driver of a tow truck cars. " Sincerely, Belman, KA Specialist tow truck and the vehicles' evacuation Evacuation 'Plantain'

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