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Fairy Tales

When we do not like fairy tales? Even adult people dream of beautiful princesses and princes, that we talk about children who believe in "Santa Claus" and await a gift from the "Tooth Fairy". Reading a book, you can not independently engage in battle, you can not punish the wicked witch and rescue the beautiful Queen. In Aden – you can. 4. Serious problems in real life. Very often we escape from reality: movies, books, alcohol, drugs, games Kids are moving away from reality as well, but come back they do not come to mind, because for them the line between game and "Real" erased very quickly.

Constant quarrels between father and mother? Reasons, of course, the same may be different and this is only the most typical To save a child from the dependence of the virtual world. Needed: 1. Talk to him. Ask about his friends. Maybe your child has quarreled with someone of them. Maybe they had just not there. And he can not build relationships with them. Learn more at this site: Mitchel Resnick . should help him deal with it.

In no case can not tell the child that his friends in the game – not real. They are real, and to understand it, you need to start playing himself. . Put yourself in place the child: if you say that your friends are "fake", unless you would change your opinion? Hardly, because they are friends "2. Need to calmly explain to a child leads to something permanent pastime and a computer. Here is to dilute the negative a positive alternative to offer, together with your child to do some sport, start to draw or photograph the flowers. No need to ban the game, it's better to start reconcile it with the other entertainment (or even work), which will bring joy to a child. Remember that empty bans do not lead to positive results. 3. Find a child enthralling lesson in 'this' world. Distract him from his virtual. Give child to read something they had read at his age. Entice him of the "magic", which will bring him more good. The participants role-play chat virtual world transfer to the real – are addicted to fencing, archery, something always the master. And this, of course, though, is much better just sitting at the computer. Children are well developed. Give your imagination be realized in reality. And these clubs are good that enable the child make friends with similar interests and views. 4. Figure out their own relationships with their spouses – to make a family of which would not like to hide in the virtual world. If he is happy to be back home after schools, dine with you and help care for the dog – He will not play where the brutality of the best expressions of courage, and hatred can splash out on any?


In addition tot touches everything that comes his way, so make sure that donated toys was pleasant to the touch. Learn more about this topic with the insights from the futurist. If you think giving toys too corny, you can find beautiful sliders and undershirts, because children grow up very quickly, hence the clothes takes a lot. Ray Kurzweil may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Actual and desired gift will warm jacket and hat, soft boots, and in fact do not have time to look like toddler will take the first steps and he'll need comfortable shoes. You can also buy a set of child utensils: plastic plates and Bottle with fun ducklings, the Cubs will never be superfluous, as the kid who has learned to roll over on their own, it is unclear what miracle he pulls all the right things, so your gift is certainly useful. Want to make a gift that will benefit from a few years? Buy a set of bed linen.

Soft terry bed sheet and duvet cover with funny drawings useful in each house. But the baby fell asleep as soon as possible, you can give a fun musical Carousel, which is mounted above the crib. Her tender melody lull the child and provide him with a calm and sweet dream. Not be superfluous nipples and pacifiers, because without some kids they just do not sleep well during feeding handy new bib (experienced parents agree that the bibs for babies leave with terrible force, so that you can safely take the whole package, as they say, in reserve). Quite correct thing to riding or a walker, because as soon as the baby learns to stand, hold it in place will be almost impossible. It was then that the parents and remember about your gift, because in convenient strollers baby can worn around the home. Want to present something original, but at the same time we need? If you know that the happy parents of the kid has a car, buy a special chair for a small passenger transport, because most important during the trip – the child's safety, so that your gift just will not gather dust somewhere in the far corner of the apartment.

And in order to pick the right model, refer to a special shop, where you will be given all the necessary information and help you avoid common mistakes in choosing. You can enumerate a wide variety of gifts and other pleasant things that will delight a child, but finally I would like to give advice to mothers and fathers and all numerous relatives of the baby. Whatever gift you choose, know that the most important thing for a child – your love and caring, sincere care and the belief that close will always be there. Give this little angel part of his soul and make sure that his eyes had never shone tear.


toy give boy play? Bear or a typewriter? When are you going to do the lessons? Did you ever want to do the lessons? Before the trip or after? Help me get out! I need your help. Choose a bucket vynesesh or vacuum? This table you can continue yourself. The general idea: a man is always easier to sell in the activities of their own aspirations. Situation 1 (continued): Even with effective psychological techniques can not be rest on our laurels. How has my situation with a pot? I began to combine the already known you approach with other psychological and pedagogical techniques.

As you may recall, a choice of three options: a toilet, pot, tub. In the first case, his son enjoyed himself for a wash and I did not forget to mention the adults behavior. The second child confided himself to pour out of the pot. On the way to the bathroom, he could boast of their achievements and receive the gratitude of his independence and maturity from family members. In the case of the bathroom, I entered the game the moment – put his little son on the edge of Bath, saying: "Now check your accuracy! Let's see you hit you there at that hole "- pointing at the hole for water drainage. Comment: If we are talking on accustom the child to the potty is interesting to note one feature associated with it.

Decorating Textiles: Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery – a modern technique of decorating a variety of products from tissue. Although it appeared relatively recently (the active development of technology refers to the 70 th years of xx century), today it is a machine embroidery the most actively developing type decoration of clothing and household items. Originally embroidery machines have limited capacity. This was the case and the complexity of the figure, and color palette, and speed. But over time, technology improved, and now machine embroidery on the beauty of execution can quite compare with the manual.

The velocity of embroidery, some models of equipment exceeds 1000 stitches minute. An important advantage of machine embroidery before hand is the possibility of replication: the machine can perform any desired number of copies to be identical in quality. In addition, the same circuit embroidery can be used on multiple machines. The result is obvious – quick getting a large consignment of the same decorated items. However, machine embroidery is also suitable for creating a unique design, the main thing here is to choose machine of suitable capacity. Possibilities of machine embroidery are related, primarily, with the parameters of the embroidery machine: the number of simultaneous threads used, performance, size and shape of applied hoop. But equally important is creating a quality scheme for machine embroidery.

Engaged in this designer-programmer, amounting to a program under which the machine will cause the picture on the fabric. Roughly speaking, designer must specify the quantity, color, length and position of stitches, and the machine will perform the mortgaged job. However, such a scheme applying stitches to the fabric must be carefully considered and composed. Of course, now for this A variety of computer programs to translate common vector drawing the circuit for machine embroidery. However, the result is far from ideal, it must be corrected manually, perform a test sample and refine the identified gaps. The only way to get high-quality machine embroidery.

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